Encounters by Locale: Cormyrean Marshes - The Vast Swamp (Autumn 1374)

Tendriculos (CR 6)

Huge Plant
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: -1 (Dex); Senses: low-light vision and Listen +1

AC: 16 (-2 size, -1 Dex, +9 natural), touch 7, flat-footed 16
Hit Dice: 9d8+54 (94 hp)
Fort +12, Ref +2, Will +4
Speed: 20 ft.
Space: 15 ft./15 ft.
Base Attack +6; Grapple +23
Attack: Bite +13 melee and 2 tendrils +8 melee
Full Attack: Bite +13 melee and 2 tendrils +8 melee
Damage: Bite 2d8+9, tendril 1d6+4
Special Attacks: Improved grab, swallow whole, paralysis
Abilities: Str 28, Dex 9, Con 22, Int 3, Wis 8, Cha 3
Special Qualities: Plant, regeneration 10
Feats: Alertness; Power Attack; Stealthy
Skills: Hide +9, Listen +1, and Move Silently +1
Advancement: 10-16 HD (Huge); 17-27 HD (Gargantuan)
Climate/Terrain: Temperate forest
Organization: Solitary
Treasure: 1/10th coins; 50% goods; 50% items

Source: Monster Manual

The tendriculos is a plant that may have been mutated by foul magic, or may have originated on another plane of existence - or possibly both of these theories are true.

Appearing most of the time as a massive mound of vegetation, the tendriculos can rear up to a height of 15 feet supported by limb-like vines and branches. The mass has a huge mouth-like opening filled with "teeth" of sharp branches and long thorns.

The tendriculos is best known for its ability to grow and regrow its vegetable body extremely rapidly. Whole new leaves and vines appear in just a few minutes. The tendriculos accomplishes this by consuming vast quantities of meat.

Animals, beasts, and even other animate plants are unnerved by the presence of a tendriculos; they avoid it and any place it has been within the last 24 hours.

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