Child of the Unicorn

Many tales tell of the man-child raised by animals - a feral, confused creature with no language or higher thought. A fortunate few children like these are found by good monsters or good talking beasts rather than common animals, raised in nature like the wild-children but taught to speak and enriched by intelligent interaction. Called "children of the unicorn" because their non-humanoid friends often worship the goddess Lurue, they can interact with normal humans and lead normal lives, or even live as adventurers. Heroes of this region tend to be stubborn and swift.
Region: The High Forest, The North, Silverymoon
Automatic Language: None.
Bonus Languages: As region, plus Sylvan.
Favored Deities: Lurue.
Regional Feats: Bullheaded, Fleet of Foot, Forester, Strong Soul
Bonus Equipment: (A) masterwork studded leather and one +1 orc bane arrow
(B) potion of easy trail
(C) masterwork longsword.