Knight Squire

Dozens of good knighthoods keep watch over parts of Faerûn. Many parents see knighthood as a way for their child to gain status, either as a way to escape a lifetime of farm work or as a way to prove service to the nobility. Though few of these children grow up to be knights, they gain rare opportunities, spending time with majestic horses and heroes.
Region: Any region where martial knighthoods support the local government.
Automatic Language: As region.
Bonus Languages: As region.
Favored Deities: Helm, Ilmater, Kelemvor, Lathander, Red Knight, Siamorphe, Tempus, Torm, Tyr
Regional Feats: Dauntless, Fearless, Militia, Saddleback
Bonus Equipment: (A) masterwork bastard sword, masterwork battleaxe, or masterwork longsword
(B) chainmail and light warhorse or warpony
(C) potion of cure moderate wounds.