Knight of the Risen Scepter

Type: Exalted
Source: Champions of Valor

Your military order is dedicated to fighting Set and his minions, and even death cannot stop you from this task.
Prerequisite: Paladin or ranger 8th, patron deity Osiris.
Benefit: You get a +4 sacred bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, and ability drain.
If you are slain by a follower of Set, you come back to life 1 hour later as though resurrection had been cast upon you. Instead of losing a level due to this effect, you gain one negative level.
If a follower of Osiris brings you back to life with raise dead, resurrection, or a similar effect that would normally cause you to lose a level, you gain one negative level rather than losing a level.
You can gain the negative level bestowed by this feat even if you are normally immune to negative levels. A negative level bestowed by this feat can't be removed by any normal means (such as restoration), nor does it ever become an actual lost level. Instead, the negative level remains until you next gain a class level, or until you kill or destroy the follower of Set who killed you, at which point it disappears. While you have a negative level bestowed by this feat, you lose all benefits of this feat except the sacred bonus on saving throws.

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