Celestial Familiar

Type: Exalted
Source: Book of Exalted Deeds

As long as you are able to acquire a new familiar, you may receive a celestial as a familiar.
Prerequisite: Able to acquire a new familiar, minimum level requirement (see below).
Benefit: When choosing a familiar, the following creatures are also available to you. You must choose a familiar whose alignment is the same as yours.

FamiliarAlignment Arcane Spellcaster Level
Celestial animal¹Any good3rd
Coure eladrinChaotic good7th
Lantern archonLawful good7th
Musteval guardinalNeutral good7th
¹ Apply the celestial template to any animal from the standard familiar list. Unlike other celestial familiars, a celestial animal grants its master the standard benefit for having an animal familiar of that type.

The celestial familiar is magically linked to its master like a normal familiar. The familiar uses the basic statistics for a creature of its kind, as given in the Monster Manual or Book of Exalted Deeds, except as noted below.
Hit Dice: For effects related to Hit Dice, use the master's level or the familiar's normal total, whichever is higher.
Hit Points: One-half the master's total or the familiar's normal total, whichever is higher.
Attacks: Use the master's base attack bonus or the familiar's, whichever is better.
Saving Throws: Use the master's base save bonuses if they are better than the familiar's.
Familiar Special Abilities: Use the information in the Familiars sidebar on pages 52-53 of the Player's Handbook to determine additional abilities as you would for a normal familiar. With the exception of celestial animals, celestial familiars do not grant their masters any of the benefits that appear in that sidebar.

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