Type: General
Source: Dragon #330

You have discovered the secret of manipulating and creating interfaces between the sane world and the Far Realm.
Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 1st, must undergo the Rite of the Blot.
Benefit: You are now referred to as a cerebrant, and you learn a constellation of new cerebrotic spells (see Cerebrotic Spell List). If you are a caster who prepares spells, you can pen each of these spells into your spellbook when you are high enough level to do so as additional bonus spells known. Whether you cast spells spontaneously or prepare spells, you can't cast any cerebrotic spells you know if you are not high enough level to cast them normally.
In addition to being able to learn cerebrotic spells, you gain a +2 bonus on your saving throws versus any effect generated by a creature of the Far Realm or by any cerebrosis spell. You don't gain this bonus when making saving throws required by any cerebrotic spell you attempt to escalate (as described in each spell description).
Special: Upon taking this feat, you become plagued with persistent, awful dreams that you can't recall with perfect clarity but which leave you drawn and pale with sleeplessness. Sometimes you remember snippets of the dream but then shudder and push them out of your mind. Your nightmare-riddled sleep undermines your Constitution score, saddling you with a permanent -1 penalty.

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