Dragonmarked Sorcerer

Type: General
Source: Dragon #351

You possess greater magical versatility than most of those who share your dragonmark.
Prerequisite: Member of appropriate dragonmarked race and house, does not possess an existing dragonmark, sorcerer level 1st.
Region: Eberron
Benefit: Add all sorcerer spells from your dragonmarked house's least, lesser, and greater dragonmarks to your list of known spells, even if you are too low of level to cast them yet (you cannot cast these spells until you are of the appropriate level to do so). You also gain a physical dragonmark, although this does not provide you with spell-like abilities. Initially, this resembles the least dragonmark of your house. When you gain the ability to cast a spell replicating the power of a lesser or greater dragonmark, your mark changes to the appropriate shape and size.
Special: Once you take this feat, you may not take Aberrant Dragonmark, Greater Dragonmark, Least Dragonmark, Lesser Dragonmark, nor may you take this feat if you already have one of these.

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