Excised From The Web Of Life

Type: General
Source: Dragon #336

A being spun out of madness has granted you the power to make the children of nature quail, but now you must endure their loathing.
Prerequisite: Ability to prepare and cast blight, required sacrifice.
Benefit: Whenever you successfully cast a spell upon any creature of the animal, fey, or plant type you may choose to deal damage equal to your caster level to the target, even if the spell does not normally deal damage. If the spell cast allows a saving throw and the target succeeds it takes no damage from this ability. If the spell cast does not allow a saving throw the target can make a Fort save to negate this damage.
Special: A wizard may select Excised From the Web of Life as a wizard bonus feat.
Sacrifice: You suffer a penalty equal to your level on all Charisma-based skills and checks when dealing with creatures of the animal, fey, and plant types as well as anyone with the wild empathy class ability.

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