Mourning Mutate

Type: Aberrant
Source: Dragon #359

You survived the Mourning, but it left its mark upon your body. While one feature is especially noteworthy, you might have any number of purely cosmetic oddities. Unusual skin, hair, and eye Colors are common, as are strange rashes or webs of scars. The form of a warped feature is up to you and the DM, It might be out of proportion, or it might be truly monstrous in nature.
Benefit: You gain a physical feature that grants you a racial bonus on one type of check or actiQn. The bonus must be chosen from the following list:

Mourning FeatureBenefit
Disturbing sores+3 on saving throws vs. poison and disease. (see below)
Hideous features+3 on Intimidate checks
Spongy fleshDR 3/- vs. nonlethal damage
Unnaturally flexible+3 on Escape Artist
Warped ears+3 on listen checks
Warped eyes+3 on Spot checks
Warped limbLimb deals +2 damage with unarmed strikes

Special: This feat is treated as Aberration Blood (Lords of Madness) for purposes of meeting feat prerequisites.
If you have disturbing sores and successfully save against a disease by 3 or fewer points, you avoid its effects.
You may only take this feat at 1st level.

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