Type: Psionic
Source: Dragon #349

You possess a link connecting a school of magic with a psionic discipline.
Prerequisite: Spell Focus in the appropriate school (see below), ability to cast 1st-level spells, ability to manifest 1st-level powers.
Benefit: Choose a school of magic (or subschool) from the list below. Whenever you cast a spell from the chosen school, your total caster level equals your caster level plus your manifester level. Whenever you manifest a power from the corresponding discipline, your total manifester level equals your caster level plus your manifester level.

Conjuration (healing)Psychometabolism
Conjuration (teleportation)Psychoportation
Conjuration (all others)Metacreativity
Illusion (shadow)Metacreativity
Illusion (all others)Telepathy
Transmutation (targeting creatures only)Psychometabolism

Special: This feat does not increase your spells per day or power points per day, nor does it grant you the ability to cast spells or manifest powers of a higher level than you can normally cast or manifest; it only increases your caster level and manifester level when casting a spell of the chosen school or manifesting a power of the chosen discipline.
Normal: You may take Psiotheurgist multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new school of magic.

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