Rashemi Elemental Summoning

Type: General
Source: Unapproachable East

You may summon Rashemen's native elementals in any situation where you could summon an air or earth elemental.
Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 5th.
Region: Rashemen
Benefit: When casting a spell that summons air or earth elementals, you may choose to summon an orglash or thomil instead. (see the Orglash and Thomil entries in Chapter 6: Monsters of the East, Unapproachable East.) For example, if you cast summon monster V, which can summon a medium elemental, you may summon an orglash or thomil using a medium elemental as the base creature. If you cast elemental swarm, you could opt to summon orglashes or thomils based on large, huge, and greater air or earth elementals. Altering the spell in this manner does not change any other aspects of the spell. You may use this ability outside of Rashemen.

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