Oread (CR 7)

Medium Fey (Earth)
Alignment: Always lawful neutral
Initiative: +1 (Dex); Senses: low-light vision, Listen +13, and Spot +13
Languages: Dwarven, Sylvan, and Terran

AC: 20 (+1 Dex, +9 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 19
Hit Dice: 7d6+28 (52 hp); DR: 5/iron
Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +6
Speed: 30 ft., burrow 30 ft.
Space: 5 ft./5 ft.
Base Attack +3; Grapple +7
Attack: Slam +7 melee
Full Attack: 2 slams +7 melee
Damage: Slam 1d6+4
Special Attacks/Actions: Spell-like abilities
Abilities: Str 19, Dex 13, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 16
Special Qualities: Burrow, cold immunity, earth mastery, mountain dependency
Feats: Alertness; Great Fortitude; Track
Skills: Craft (stonemasonry) +12, Craft (trapmaking) +12, Diplomacy +5, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +12, Knowledge (nature) +12, Listen +13, Search +2 (+4 secret doors and compartments), Sense Motive +11, Spot +13, and Survival +11 (+13 in aboveground natural environments)
Advancement: 8-14 HD (Medium-size)
Climate/Terrain: Any mountains
Organization: Solitary
Treasure/Possessions: Standard

Source: Fiend Folio

An oread uses its knowledge of stone and its skill with engineering to create many deadly deadfalls and avalanche points on its mountain. When confronted with foes, an oread often charms one to lead the rest to a place where its traps can have their greatest effect. The oread then triggers them from hiding, hoping to kill, maim, or frighten its foes enough to cause them to flee. More troublesome and determined foes feel the full brunt of the oread's spellcasting powers.

An oread can be summoned using a summon nature's ally VI spell.

Spell-like Abilities: At will - stone tell, teleport (from any point on its mountain to any other point on its mountain); 3/day - charm monster, soften earth and stone, spike stones, stone shape, transmute mud to rock, transmute rock to mud; 1/day - earthquake, move earth. Caster level 14th; save DC 13 + spell level.

Burrow (Ex): An oread can glide through stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except metal as easily as a fish swims through water. Its burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any ripple or other signs of its presence. A move earth spell cast on an area containing a burrowing oread flings the oread back 30 feet, stunning the creature for 1 round unless she succeeds on a Fortitude save (DC 19).

Earth Mastery (Ex): An oread gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls if her foe is touching the ground.

Mountain Dependency (Su): Each oread is mystically bound to a mountain. If an oread strays farther than 1 mile from her mountain, she dies within 4d6 hours.

Earth Subtype

This subtype usually is used for elementals and outsiders with a connection to the Elemental Plane of Earth. Earth creatures usually have burrow speeds, and most earth creatures can burrow through solid rock.