Draconic Knowledge

Type: Monstrous
Source: Draconomicon

You are attuned to nature and the elements and can draw on deep wells of knowledge.
Prerequisite: Int 19, true dragon, any three Knowledge skills.
Benefit: This feat works much like the bard's bardic knowledge class feature, except that it relies on the scale and impact of past events rather than on how many people already share the information. You may make a special Draconic Knowledge check (d20 + your age category + your Int modifier) to see whether you know some relevant information about an item, event, or locale. This check will not reveal the powers of a magic item but may give a hint about its general function. You may not take 10 or take 20 on this check; this sort of information is essentially random. If you have a Knowledge skill that is related to or applicable to the information you seek, you receive a +1 bonus on the draconic knowledge check for every 5 ranks you have in that Knowledge skill.
The DM determines the Difficulty Class of the check by referring to the table below. short-lived effects.

DCType of KnowledgeExamples
10Something with worldwide or planetwide significanceInformation about the creation of the world, worldwide cataclysms, powerful places of mystery, or gods.
15Something with regional significance, but long lasting or with a long-term impact.Information about empires, wars, regional disasters, or legendary individuals or groups
20Something with regional significance, but relatively short-lived effectsInformation about countries, battles, national disasters, or powerful individuals or groups
25something with local significance, but long lasting or with a long-term impactInformation about a minor dynasty, a minor place of mystery, single magic item, or hero
30something with local significance and relatively short-lived effectsInformation about a local hero, a minor battle, or a single building
DC Modifiers:
-1Per 10,000 gp of item's value, if an object
-5Individual is a dragon, dragonslayer, or dragon friend
-5Dragon has a lair in the area affected