Quick Recovery

Type: General
Source: Lords of Madness

It's hard to keep you down for long. You have a talent for shaking off effects that leave others unable to act.
Benefit: Whenever you begin your turn stunned or dazed, you can make a new saving throw at the original DC of the effect that stunned or dazed you in an attempt to recover. Recovering from being stunned or dazed in this way is a move action, if the effect that caused you to become stunned or dazed did not allow a saving throw, you can recover by succeeding on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD or caster level of originator of effect + relevant ability modifier, or Cha modifier if there is not an obvious ability linked to the effect).
Normal: You are stunned or dazed as long as the effect calls for, and do not have an opportunity to recover early.