Other Deities


Home Plane: The Barrens of Doom and Despair

Worshipers: Murderers, assassins, bounty hunters, and mercenaries

Bhaal was the god of murder, slain during the Time of Troubles by the then-mortal Cyric. He was violent, cruel, and hateful, and existed only to hunt and murder. His minions, known as Bhaalists or Bhaalyn, wrought devastation and death wherever they roamed. Until recently, these faithful were thought to have all been converted or destroyed by Cyric.

Clerics of Bhaal pray for their spells just after dusk. Most clerics multiclass as barbarians, fighters, rogues, or deathstalkers, although other multiclass combinations are known.

In the past, novices of Bhaal were charged as follows: "Make all folk fear Bhaal. Let your killings be especially elegant or grisly, or seem easy so that those observing them are awed and terrified. Tell folk that gold proffered to the church can make the Lord of Murder overlook them for today."

Dieties of the Waters

Several of the following deities come from specific campaign worlds; if the DM wishes to incorporate any of them into a different world, he can rename the deity and retain its characteristics and interests, or he can assume that the deity's relationship to lakes, rivers, and seas extends throughout many realms.

Aventernus is a sea god whose nature has changed along with the lives of his favored people. Once a human deity of maritime concerns such as naval endeavors and fair mercantile work, Aventernus was the patron of an island nation of powerful magicians and skilled sailors. Aventernus's priesthood played an important part in the daily workings of the city. All that changed, however, when a mighty catastrophe sank the nation into the waters of the sea. He transformed the humans loyal to him into the aventi.

Aventernus is a stern god of justice and fair practices, and the honorable nature of the aventi can be traced back to the influence of his precepts on the lives of his people. Aventernus's symbol is a white spear striking and parting water on a diamond. Aventernus's creed is the application of strength in the assistance of the weak. Every aventi king has some training as a cleric of Aventernus, and each is served by the knights of the pearl.

Blibdoolpoolp is the deity of the kuo-toas. Her bloodthirsty worship demands frequent sacrifice of sentient beings. Her symbols are a lobster's head and a black pearl. She takes the form of a naked human woman with the head and pincers of a lobster. Blibdoolpoolp's temples have a lobster motif.

Deep Sashelas is the patron of sea elves. He also represents the forces of creation and knowledge. In addition to aquatic elves, this deity receives the veneration of darfellans. Deep Sashelas's symbol is a dolphin. He often appears as a dolphin but has a tendency to tarry in humanoid form with various female beings. His worshipers offer artistic works and songs of praise at the highest and lowest tides of the year, and they are fearsome enemies of sahuagin.

Eadro is the patron deity of locathah, merfolk, and tritons. All three races claim him as their creator, each pointing to itself as the most perfect example of sea folk. His symbol is a spiral or whirlpool. He appears as a tall and perfect specimen of his worshipers' race.

Geshtai is a lesser deity of lakes, rivers, wells, and streams. She appears as a young woman standing in a pool of water, holding a clay jug. Her worshipers protect sources of water and guide the lost to safety. Geshtai's symbol is a waterspout.

Ishtishia is the elemental embodiment of water. He is an enigmatic and changeable deity with a small following. Like water itself, smaller groups within the religious hierarchy form, pool, and reform. Ishtishia's temples are built beside water, and his clergy protects and purifies water sources. His symbol is a cresting wave.

The Mockery, one of the Dark Six, embodies the ferocity of the sea. He is patron to Eberron's sahuagin and worshiped out of fear by all who must ply the seas. His symbol is a dragon turtle. He is said to appear usually as a human or merfolk with seaweed entwined in hair and beard.

Procan is the wild deity of ocean storms, winds, and waves, as well as of sea life. He is as tempestuous as his domain and can be greedy or cruel. His clerics make holy water from brine and travel aboard ships to placate the god's wild moods. Procan's symbol is a trident piercing a cresting wave.

Sekolah is a powerful devil and patron of the sahuagin. He appears as a giant great white shark. Sahuagin priestesses offer sacrifices of conquered enemies and dedicate vast wealth in gems and jewelry. Sekolah does not otherwise interact much with his worshipers. His symbol is a shark's dorsal fin cutting the water.

Umberlee is capricious and ill-tempered, and her worship consists mainly of turning aside her anger (which manifests in storms and tidal waves). Her symbol is a blue-green wave curling to both left and right. She appears as a blue-skinned humanoid woman with taloned fingers, finned elbows, pearly eyes, and hair of kelp.

Valkur is the patron of sailors both mercantile and naval, as well as the god of favorable winds and storms. He appears as a jolly sea captain who can pilot any vessel. Changeable as the winds, the Captain of the Waves is a fiercely loyal leader. His worship is conducted on the decks of ships, and many of his clerics serve at sea. His symbol is a shield with a cloud and three lightning bolts.

The Whale Mother is the patron deity of darfellans, honored as the creator of sea creatures and especially of porpoises, whales, seals, and other marine mammals. Her symbol is a leaping whale. She is depicted as a delicate, pale-skinned woman, surrounded by currents of light and vitality, who rides a vast whale the size of a large island. Its spoutings produce the rainstorms that frequently lash the darfellans' chill coasts, and the waving of its flukes stirs the ocean currents. Her followers do not build temples but conduct community ceremonies at important times of the year.

Yeathan is the god of the evil depths, master of the gasping last breath and lord of the deep darkness below. He is the patron of all things foul and malevolent about the sea. His temples are always submerged and unlighted, filled with things found only in the deepest blackwater trenches. His symbol is a dark blue-green spiral with a black center.

Deities Of The Waters
DeityAlign.DomainsFavored Weapon
AventernusLGGood, Law, Ocean, Seafolk, StrengthSpear
BlibdoolpoolpNEBlackwater, Destruction, Evil, WaterPincer staff
Deep SashelasCGChaos, Good, Knowledge, Ocean, Water, ElfTrident
EadroNProtection, Seafolk, WaterLongspear
GeshtaiNPlant, Travel, WaterSpear
IshtishiaNDestruction, Ocean, Storm, Travel, WaterWarhammer
The MockeryNEDestruction, Evil, Storm, WaterTrident
ProcanCNChaos, Storm, Travel, WaterLongspear
SekolahLEBlackwater, Evil, Law, Strength, WarTrident
UmberleeCEChaos, Destruction, Evil, Ocean, StormDagger
ValkurCGAir, Chaos, Good, Ocean, ProtectionCutlass
Whale MotherLGAnimal, Good, Law, Ocean, SeafolkPaddle (greatclub)
YeathanNEBlackwater, Destruction, EvilTrident



Lesser God (Neutral): The dualistic deity of the lizardfolk, Semuanya embodies the chief facets of lizardfolk life: hunting and breeding. During times of peace and plenty they speak of Semuanya as "she" and worship her as the Breeder. During times of strife and hardship they speak of Semuanya as "he" and offer sacrifices to him as the Watcher or the Seeker.

Symbol: A reptile egg.

Portfolio: Fertility, the hunt, lizardfolk, swamps.

Domains: Animal, Plant, Water.

Favored Weapon: Greatclub,

Clerical Training: New shamans learn at the feet of the previous generations healers, replacing them when they can no longer fulfil their duties.

Quests: Semuanya instructs its worshipers to serve where needed, frequently questing them to aid warbands or recover a tribe's lost eggs.

Prayers: In times of war, prayers to Semuanya take the form of short hisses and reptilian barks made before battle. When a tribe is at peace there is time for longer chants and epic songs intoned in Draconic.

Temples: Semuanya's only temples are in the hearts and minds of its worshipers. Only the occasional symbol or idol is made as a physical representation of its worship.

Rites: Breeding and battle as they benefit lizardfolk tribes.

Herald and Allies: Semuanya's herald is an 18th-level albino lizardfolk druid called Spirit Scale. Semuanya's allies and those it most commonly sends to fulfill planar ally spells are celestial or fiendish dinosaurs, giant crocodiles, hydras, or tendriculoses.