Encounters: Cormanthor - The Midwood

Aurumvorax (CR 7)

Small Magical Beast
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: +7 (Dex); Senses: Listen +7 and Spot +7

AC: 23 (+1 size, +3 Dex, +9 natural), touch 14, flat-footed 20
Hit Dice: 10d10+10 (65 hp)
Fort +8, Ref +10, Will +0

Speed: 20 ft., burrow 5
Space: 5 ft./5 ft.
Base Attack +10; Grapple +1
Attack: Bite +11 melee, 4 claws +9 melee
Full Attack: Bite +11 melee, 4 claws +9 melee
Damage: Bite 1d4, claw 1d3 each
Special Attacks: Improved Grab, Rend 2d3

Abilities: Str 11, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 3, Wis 12, Cha 12
Special Qualities:
Feats: Improved Initiative; Multiattack (claws); Iron Will
Skills: Hide +9, Listen +7, Move Silently +4, and Spot +7

Climate/Terrain: Temperate hills and mountains
Organization: Solitary
Treasure: Special (The aurumvoraxs hide, if undamaged, is worth in excess of 3,000 gp.)

Source: Web

Improved Grab: For this ability, the aurumvorax must use its bite attack successfully on a creature of up to Large size. If it gets a hold, it deals normal bite damage and then locks its jaws at the point of contact (usually the neck or trunk of an opponent) and continues to grind its teeth in the wound for 8 automatic points of damage per round. This locked jaw will not relax until either the prey or the gorger is dead.

Rend: If the aurumvorax successfully hits with two or more claw attacks in any round, it begins to burrow into the opponent's body. This attack automatically deals an additional 2d6 + 2 points of damage.

Near totally fearless, aurumvoraxes charge into battle whenever they feel their territory or themselves threatened. They can also be lured out by the prospects of easy food, especially when refined gold is part of the lure.

While they rarely hesitate in battle, they always attack with their powerful bites first. Once that is engaged, they utilize their sharp claws. They commonly attack with at least two claws, but can use claw attacks depending on where they have locked onto a foe.

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