The home of the Seldarine (the elven pantheon) is a place of lush natural beauty - verdant forests, towering mountains, crystal streams, azure lakes, and a deep green sea. Each of the various deities of the elven pantheon has its own realm within this scenic landscape, but these deific realms flow seamlessly into one another, with no clearly defined borders and no barriers.

Arvandor Traits

Arvandor has the following traits.

Arvandor Links

Hanali Celanil maintains a portal to Sune's realm in Brightwater, and Erevan Ilesere maintains one that leads to the realm of Hial in Dragon Eyrie. A portal to the House of Nature, maintained by the whole pantheon, stands at the shore of the Sparkling Sea. The eladrins have a portal to the Gates of the Moon as well.

Arvandor Inhabitants

The celestial realms of Arvandor and the Gates of the Moon are the only two planes where the elf-like eladrins dwell in significant numbers. The eladrins of Arvandor are not servants of the elven pantheon, though they respect the elf deities and generally cooperate with them in everyday matters as well as urgent ones. But when the elf deities require powerful servants to travel to other planes, they usually call upon angels' rather than eladrins, so all varieties of angels dwell here as well.

Arvandor Petitioners: The petitioners of Arvandor - even those few who were not elves in their mortal lives - all appear as handsome elves here. These petitioners have even more of a fey look about them than elves from the Material Plane do, since their elven features are slightly exaggerated. These petitioners spend their days feasting on Arvandor's bounty and communing with its unblemished nature. Arvandor's petitioners have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Electricity, poison.

Resistances: Cold 10, fire 10.

Other Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/cold iron, elf traits.

Features Of Arvandor

Arvandor is a vast, apparently infinite expanse of pristine wilderness stretching from a boundless ocean to a range of snow-capped mountains. While each deity of the elven pantheon has carved out a personal realm from this wilderness, most of the plane is actually held in common by the pantheon as a whole and shared with the eladrins.

Aerdrie Faenya: This goddess's realm, called the Aerie, is a glittering palace of clouds floating high in the otherwise crystal-clear skies above the forests and mountains of Arvandor. Celestial eagles and rocs share this realm with elf and avariel petitioners, celestial elves, and angels.

Corellon Larethian/Sehanine Moonbow: Metaphorically if not literally at the center of Arvandor is the great palace called Crescent Grove, the home of Corellon Larethian and Sehanine Moonbbw. A perfect union of nature and artistry, Crescent Grove unites white marble pillars and walkways with towering, white-barked trees. A tall tower at its heart, called the Overlook, offers a breathtaking view of the whole plane. The plane's residents come to Corellon's palace when they want to be alone in quiet contemplation. Here visitors can take in the majesty of the view from the Overlook, walk among the pillars and trees, or simply bask in the reflected glory of Corellon's and Sehanine's presence here.

Deep Sashelas: The Dolphin Prince lives in the shallow green ocean of Arvandor, which is called the Sparkling Sea. Celestial dolphins and whales, great schools of fish, and tritons swim alongside the sea elf petitioners of this plane. Deep Sashelas dwells in a palace built of coral, gold, and veined marble. Called Elavandor, this magnificent edifice is located at the bottom of a chasm in the Sparkling Sea.

Eilistraee: Eilistraee makes her home in Arvandor with her cousins of the Seldarine. Her realm here is small, since some of her divine energy is bound up with her near-abandoned realm in the Demonweb Pits. Within the borders of Eilistraee's realm, it is always night, and a full moon shines brightly in the midnight-blue sky.

Erevan Ilesere: One of the vast roots of the World Tree lies in Arvandor, stretching up from its fertile soil to link with the celestial planes in its great trunk. A community of celestial elves lives near the great root in a village called the Gnarl. Near this village, Erevan Ilesere maintains a sprawling, shifting palace made of wood, stone, crystal, and a variety of other natural materials. But the god rarely visits his own realm, preferring instead to wander the planes making mischief arid playing pranks. His palace is well guarded in his absence by perhaps the greatest collection of traps and tricks anywhere on the planes.

Fenmarel Mestarine/Shevarash: Nestled in the rough mountains of Arvandor is Fennimar, the realm of the Lone Wolf. This quiet glade of deserted woods, quiet valleys, and clear streams is a perfect place for those who seek solitude and refuge. Hermits and celestial animals, plus a small contingent of rangers who serve Penmarel, are the only inhabitants of the realm aside from its divine ruler. The god Shevarash, who has no established realm of his own, often stays here in solitude as well.

Hanali Celanil: At the center of a lake called Evergold stands Hanali Celanil's Crystal Palace, a beautiful structure of perfect design and flawless material. A single candle placed properly within the palace can illuminate the entire structure. The heart of the Crystal Palace is a fountain, also called Evergold, which is said to be the source of youth and beauty. This fountain actually exists on two planes simultaneously - here and in Sune's domain on Brightwater. By virtue of its dual-planar existence, the fountain acts as a portal between the two realms, though usually only Hanali Celanil, Sune, Sharess, and their servants can use it.

Labelas Enoreth: One of Arvandor's more mysterious features is the Vanishing Tower, which is said to be the realm of Labelas Enoreth. Most of the time, the tower cannot be seen - perhaps it is simply invisible, but more likely it exists in some demiplane or pocket dimension. When it manifests, it can appear anywhere in Arvandor except within another deity's realm. Its arrival is often considered an omen of portentous events, if not a harbinger of trouble.

Rillifane Rallathil: Among the wild woods of Arvandor is a stand of enormous and ancient oak trees called Oak Grove. This is the realm of Rillifane Rallathil, though no structure or marking indicates its borders. The god of the wood elves dwells in total harmony with the oaks, imposing no craft of any sort on their natural perfection.

Solonor Thelandira: In the thickest part of Arvandor's woods, a magnificent white tree with silver leaves towers above even the surrounding' redwoods. The Pale Tree, as it is called, is the realm of Solonor Thelandira, though he travels widely and never stays long in his home. Platforms and ropes have been built unobtrusively among the branches of the Pale Tree to provide homes for the petitioners and others who choose to dwell in the Great Archer's realm.

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