Like Dragon Eyrie, Dwarfhome is a great mountain, though its roots and foothills are also part of the plane. And while Dragon Eyrie's skies only occasionally feature a dragon in flight, Dwarfhome teems with life - specifically with dwarf petitioners. A hive of industry and a marvel of artisanship, Dwarfhome serves as a model of the dwarven ideals of life, labor, and home.

Dwarfhome Traits

Dwarfhome has the following traits.

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No portals are known to connect Dwarf home with any other plane. However, one of the roots of the World Tree extends from Deepshaft Hall (Dumathoin's home) up through Erackinor (the realm of Moradin and Berronar Truesilver), and from there to the other celestial planes.

Dwarfhome Inhabitants

Besides the petitioners of the plane, the only natives of Dwarfhome are the angels that serve the dwarven deities. Perhaps out of respect for the powers here, the angels are often short and stout, resembling dwarves more than humans.

Durzagon (half-fiend).

Dwarfhome Petitioners: The petitioners of this plane - even those few who were not dwarves in their mortal lives - appear as sturdy dwarves here. Dwarfhome's petitioners have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Fire, poison.

Resistances: Acid 10, electricity 10.

Other Special Qualities: Because Dwarfhome's petitioners can spend eternity perfecting their crafts, each gains a +10 competence bonus on all Craft checks. In addition, each possesses the dwarf racial traits described in the Monster Manual.

Features Of Dwarfhome

Dwarfhome is an impossibly huge mountain, large enough to contain whole worlds. Great halls are carved into its sides, with gigantic doorways big enough to admit even the largest dragon with its wings spread wide. Caverns extend far into the mountain's roots, and majestic citadels are erected on its sides. Erackinor, the realm of Moradin and Berronar Truesilver, lies at the top of Dwarfhome. The closer a deity's relationship to those two deities, the nearer its realm is to the summit of the great mountain. Thus, Abbathor's realm lies far below the mountain, while Thard Harr's is located on a distant plateau.

Abbathor: The sole evil member of the dwarven pantheon who has not been banished to Hammergrim lives far underneath the halls of Erackinor in a realm called the Glitterhell. The walls of Abbathor's domain sparkle with gemstones and mithral.

Berronar Truesilver/Moradin: Erackinor, the realm shared by Moradin and Berronar Truesilver, combines the grandest of all stone-carved halls with endless mine shafts full of gold, gems, and mithral. At the heart of Erackinor is the Soul Forge, the mighty furnace where Moradin hammered out the first dwarves. Even now, he still shapes the souls of dwarves here before sending them to the Material Plane.

Clangeddin Silverbeard: Just in the shadow of Erackinor is Mount Clangeddin, home of the Father of Battles. Though it is a mighty mountain in its own right, it is small next to Moradin's home. The great halls of Mount Clangeddin seem to have been carved to imitate those of Erackinor, but they have been turned to a far more military purpose. If Erackinor is an artisan's delight, Mount Clangeddin is a dwarf soldier's paradise. Regimented and orderly, it serves as the barracks and armory of Dwarfhome's defenders as well as the realm of Clangeddin Silverbeard.

Dugmaren Brightmantle/Dumathoin/Vergadain: Three realms are carved into the sides of Dwarfhome's great mountain. Soot Hall, the realm of Dugmaren Brightmantle, is a place of constant invention. Dumathoin's realm, known as Deepshaft Hall, consists almost entirely of mineshafts, though it still includes enough unexplored tunnels and unhewn rock to keep the most driven explorer happy for an eternity. Strongale Hall is Vergadain's realm, a place of commerce, gambling, and the pleasures of good food and strong drink.

Gorm Gulthyn: Built atop a foothill even more distant than Sharindlar's Watchkeep is the realm of Fire Eyes. Gorm Gulthyn is said to keep watch constantly from the top of his tower, where he can see the entire plane, so that he will know immediately if any portal opens into Dwarfhome. Many dwarven defenders hope to have the chance to stand guard at Watchkeep after death - a privilege they believe is granted to those who die while fighting superior forces in the line of duty.

Haela Brigheaxe/Marthammor Duin: These two somewhat reclusive dwarven deities have realms in remote caverns tucked into the foothills of Dwarfhome. Haela Brightaxe's pleasant grotto is called Findar Endar, while Marthammor Duin's cave is known as the Cavern of Rest. Both deities wander Dwarfhome and other planes frequently, leaving trusted lieutenants to guard their realms.

Sharindlar: Sharindlar's realm, the Merciful Court, is a circle of standing stones on a foothill near Dwarfhome's towering bulk. Its position enables Sharindlar to act as an intermediary between Moradin and the other dwarven deities - even the likes of Abbathor and the duergar gods of Hammergrim. The Merciful Court is the site of nightly dances in honor of the Shining Dancer.

Thard Harr: The most reclusive member of the dwarven pantheon is Thard Harr, who dwells on a heavily forested plateau near the edge of the plane. Called the Forbidden Plateau, this realm has much in common with the jungles of Chult, where Thard Harr's followers reside. Like its Material Plane counterpart, the Forbidden Plateau even boasts a large population of resident dinosaurs.

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