If the universe held a plane of magic, Dweomerheart would be it. Home of Faerûn's deities of magic, Dweomerheart is charged with magical energy that courses through any spellcaster who sets foot there.

Dweomerheart Traits

Dweomerheart has the following traits.

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No portals are known to connect Dweomerheart to any other plane. However, low-lying branches of the World Tree extend into Dweomerheart, connecting it with the other celestial planes.

Dweomerheart Inhabitants

As guardian of the laws of magic, Mystra is also the creator of the inevitables - constructs of law that are charged with enforcing the most fundamental and inescapable laws of the universe. In addition to the inevitables, various angels serve the deities of Dweomerheart.

Other inhabitants: Mercane.

Dweomerheart Petitioners: Almost all the petitioners of this plane were wizards or sorcerers in life, and they retain the merest glimmer of their old aptitude for magic. These individuals have the following special qualities.

Immunities: Petrification, polymorph.

Resistances: Acid 10, fire 10.

Additional Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/magic, spell resistance 10.

Features Of Dweomerheart

Set on a high plateau, Dweomerheart is a glittering city adorned with glamers and built from pure magical energy.

Azuth: The domain of the Patron of Mages is carved into the plateau below the city, in a series of caverns that are collectively called Azuth, after their chief resident. An air of ritual and mystery pervades this realm, and if the city of Dweomerheart is where those who want to learn about magic should go, Azuth is the place where those who want to learn to be wizards should go. The distinction may be subtle, but it makes all the difference in the portfolios of Mystra and Azuth.

Mystra: The realm of the Lady of Mysteries encompasses the whole of the city and the surface of the plateau. The city itself resembles a university or a school of magic. Petitioners and planar visitors who are hungry for magical knowledge can choose no better place in all the planes to find what they seek.

Savras: Adjacent to Azuth's realm is a smaller series of caverns called The Eye that is home to Savras. It is said that all of the god's knowledge about the past and future is recorded here, but the truth is that items as prosaic as books and scrolls could never hold such a depth of knowledge. Rather, the place rings with thoughts - making it eerily similar to Ilsensine's realm in Deep Caverns. These echoing thoughts might contain deep insight into past, present, or future, but it would take a remarkably strong mind to sort through them.

Velsharoon: Far below the realms of Azuth and Savras lies a musty crypt called Death's Embrace, which is the realm of the Vaunted. All the secrets of necromancy are contained in Velsharoon's crypt.

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