Fury's Heart

Fury's Heart has a certain similarity to the Barrens of Doom and Despair in that both planes are desolate landscapes with little life and no redeeming qualities. But while the Barrens are still, lifeless, and desolate, Fury's Heart is a turmoil of storms, howling winds, crashing waves, biting blizzards, and wild beasts. The Barrens refuses to support life, but Fury's Heart actively seeks to crush life.

Fury's Heart Traits

Fury's Heart has the following traits.

Fury's Heart Links

Umberlee's domain contains a portal to Fated Depths. The River of Blood flows through Malar's domain (and a branch pours into the Blood Sea), connecting Fury's Heart with most of the other fiendish planes.

Fury's Heart Inhabitants

The natives of Fury's Heart are creatures of evil, and many are bestial creatures that resemble terrestrial animals. Nightmares and yeth hounds fall into the latter category, while night hags and vargouilles simply live here for the evil.

Other inhabitants: Ice paraelementals, cold element creatures (Winter's Hall), Abrian, bloodthorn, ironmaw, khaasta, phiuhl, varrangoins (all), vorr, vultivor (canomorph).

Fury's Heart Petitioners: The petitioners of Fury's Heart are cruel, callous, and wrathful spirits. Some take on an almost elemental form, such as the cold spirits of Winter's Hall and the sentient lightning of the Towers of Ruin. Others, such as the weresharks that swim with Umberlee in the Blood Sea, appear just as they did in life. Malar's petitioners, and some of Umberlee's as well, are transformed into animal forms, appearing as particularly fierce and primitive versions of normal animals. Fury's Heart's petitioners have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Cold, electricity.

Resistances: Fire 10, sonic 10:

Special Attacks: Any petitioner of Auril or Talos deals an extra 1d6 points of damage (cold or lightning, respectively) on a successful melee attack. A petitioner of Malar or Umberlee gains the ability to rage once per day as a 1st-level barbarian.

Other Special Qualities: A petitioner of Auril or Talos gains certain elemental traits, while a petitioner of Umberlee or Malar has damage reduction 10/silver.

Features Of Fury's Heart

Like several other planes, Fury's Heart is an enormous expanse of wild terrain, from Umberlee's Blood Sea, to Malar's Land of the Hunt, to the distant, frigid tundra of Auril's realm, which is known as Winter's Hall. Violent weather is the norm throughout the plane. The wind force is rarely below severe (31 mph or more), and storms are nearly constant.

Auril: Across the Land of the Hunt from the Towers of Ruin, the land grows colder and holder until all terrain dissolves into an ever-present covering of ice. This realm is Winter's Hall, the Frostmaiden's domain, and there is no colder place on all the planes, Auril's palace is formed of shaped wind walls that are bitterly cold, and her throne is made of frozen blue fire.

Malar: Malar's realm, the Land of the Hunt; stretches for uncounted miles from the shore of the Blood Sea. A great, open plain stocked with abundant wildlife (including souls stolen from the Fugue Plane and transformed into innocuous animal forms as prey for hunters), the Land of the Hunt is the only region of Fury's Heart where the weather is occasionally hospitable. The Beastlord roams his realm with his petitioners, all of whom take the forms of large carnivorous animals, to savor the thrill of the hunt. When unwelcome visitors enter the plane, Malar and his companions gleefully turn their attention away from helpless prey and begin to stalk the intruders instead.

Talos: Toward one edge of the Land of the Hunt, the plains begin to rise into steep, rocky hills - a sign that Malar's realm has ended and Talos's has begun. Atop one of the hills in this realm stands the storm Lord's palace, the aptly named Towers of Ruin. The "towers" that comprise this structure are now little more than rocks precariously stacked together, so often have they been battered by lightning strikes and hurricane-force winds. At the borders of Talos's realm, the winds are always severe, blowing out from the center of the realm toward the edges. Closer to the center, the wind force gradually increases until it reaches hurricane levels around the Towers of Ruin. Periodically, and at Talos's command, the wind is supplemented by stinging rain and carefully directed bolts of lightning; ensuring that few unwelcome visitors arrive here.

Umberlee: The Blood Sea is an expanse of saltwater constantly beaten by storms. Gale-force winds (severe wind force) sweep over foam-capped waves, torrential rain pours from the blackened sky, and lightning demolishes anything that breaks the surface of the water. The Queen of the Depths swims through the reddish water of her realm, accompanied by native creatures such as fiendish squids and myrmyxicus demons. Petitioners; including weresharks and humanoids given the forms of sharks or similar beasts, also accompany Umberlee.

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