Green Fields

In the pleasant realm of Green Fields, halfling petitioners while away their existence in peaceful meditation and hard work, enjoying the fruits of their labors and the company of their fellows. A place of safety and repose, Green Fields is basically a collection of halfling settlements among gently rolling hills.

Green Fields Traits

Green Fields has the following traits.

Green Fields Links

A portal to Tymora's domain on Brightwater lies somewhere in Green Fields, but only Brandobaris knows its location - and he's not telling. Lower branches of the World Tree also extend into Green Fields, connecting it with the rest of the celestial planes.

Green Fields Inhabitants

Besides the halfling petitioners, the only inhabitants of Green Fields are the angels that serve the halfling deities.

Green Fields Petitioners: The petitioners of Green Fields all appear as halflings, even those few who were not halflings in life. They have a vibrant, healthy look about them, as though they were bursting with life. They have the following special qualities.

Immunities: Electricity, polymorph.

Resistances: Acid 10.

Other Special Qualities: Damage reduction 10/magic, resonance field.

Resonance Field (Ex): Any creature that causes damage to a petitioner on Green Fields through any form of attack suffers wounds identical to those it inflicts and takes identical damage. If a single attack causes damage to multiple petitioners (a fireball, for instance), the attacker takes damage equal to the total inflicted on all petitioners - far more than the damage dice indicate. The resonance field is a property of the plane, not the petitioners, which is why it is noted as an exceptional ability.

Features Of Green Fields

Fittingly for a pantheon that places such emphasis on community and racial unity, most of the halfling deities share Green Fields as a divine realm and do not carve their own realms from its planar fabric.

Arvoreen/Cyrrollalee/Sheela Peryroyl/Yondalla: These four deities hold the realm in common, dwelling where they choose. They often move among the settlements of the plane with the seasons or at their own whims. The settlements themselves are as impermanent as any halfling encampment on the Material Plane, and their residents happily wander from lake shore to riverside, and from cultivated fields to pastoral hills.

Brandobaris: The Master of Stealth, who wanders even more than the other deities, does not limit his travels to Green Fields. He is welcome in the plane, though he really takes no part in maintaining it as a divine realm.

Urogalan: The Lord of the Earth's realm is a cavern beneath the lush grass of Green Fields. Few petitioners remain there for long, though it is the entry point to the plane for the spirits of all dead halflings. Urogalan is respected more than he is worshiped, and most petitioners are happy to leave his realm and move closer to their deities of choice.

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