The Supreme Throne

A ruined castle rises above a desolate landscape where the wind's howls can drive one mad. This plane is the realm of the Prince of Lies - the "supreme throne" from which Cyric plans to rule all the planes. The Supreme Throne is as mad as the god himself and nearly as evil. Because the laws of nature and magic follow Cyric's ever-changing whims, the plane itself often seems bent on crushing intruders, particularly those who refuse to bow before the one ruler of this plane.

Supreme Throne Traits

The Supreme Throne has the following traits.

Supreme Throne Links

The Supreme Throne has no known portals to other planes.

Supreme Throne Inhabitants

The inhabitants of the Supreme Throne are as mad as its ruler. Howlers are the favorite creatures of Cyric, and packs of them roam within and just outside his Shattered Castle. Chaos beasts and slaadi also inhabit the Supreme Throne.

Other inhabitants: Demodands (all).

Supreme Throne Petitioners: The petitioners of the Supreme Throne appear much as they did in life, though they are bonier and generally appear more drawn. Their madness is generally plain to see in their eyes. They have the following special petitioner traits.

Additional Immunities: Electricity, sonic.

Resistances: Acid 10, cold 10.

Other Special Qualities: None.

Features Of The Supreme Throne

The only feature of note here is Cyric's castle.

Cyric: The Shattered Castle is Cyric's seat of power. Though it is nothing more than a crumbling ruin yanked from some other plane, the Prince of Lies sees it as a magnificent palace befitting his position as future ruler of the universe. Howlers roam its courtyard and the blasted lands around it, while Cyric himself sits in its highest tower, hatching his mad schemes for planar domination.

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