The House of the Triad

A resplendent plane of majestic marble halls, gleaming palaces, and heavenly radiance, the House of the Triad is the closest thing to a heaven in Toril's cosmology. Law holds slightly more sway here than good, thanks to the presence of Helm and Siamorphe, but most of the plane still exemplifies the principles of good upheld by law and order.

House Of The Triad Traits

The House of the Triad has the following traits.

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There are no known portals leading to or from the House of the Triad. However, lower branches of the World Tree extend into this plane, connecting it with the other celestial planes.

House Of The Triad Inhabitants

The archons, celestial embodiments of law and good, call the House of the Triad home. Most live on the great mountain called Celestia, but many serve Ilmater, Torm, and Tyr and dwell in their realms. Angels serve the Triad as well, undertaking the lion's share of missions to other planes. Formians inhabit the plane and serve both Helm and Siamorphe when needed, though in general they live their ordered lives without divine disruption.

House of the Triad Petitioners: Most of the petitioners of the House of the Triad are lantern archons. These petitioners have no planar commitment and can leave the House of the Triad at will. Those who serve Helm or Siamorphe, or otherwise lean more toward neutrality than good, retain the forms they wore in life and have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Electricity, petrification.

Resistances: None.

Other Special Qualities: Damage reduction 10/chaotic.

Features Of The House of the Triad

The House of the Triad consists of three great mountains encircling a still-greater one. The central mountain, Celestia, is something like a divine realm in itself, though no deity resides there. Divided into seven layers, it exactly mirrors the plane of Celestia described in Manual of the Planes and the Dungeon Master's Guide, and it is the home of the archons and the archon paragons. The relationship between the archons (particularly the paragons) and the deities who maintain realms on the plane is not exactly clear. On the surface, it seems that the archons serve the deities, and do so happily. Some have speculated, however, that not even Tyr knows what lies within Zaphkiel's Illuminated heaven, though he seems to regard the mountain with a great deal of respect.

The three mountains surrounding Celestia are crowned by the realms of Ilmater, Torm, and Tyr. The realms of Helm and Siamorphe lie around the bases of the mountains.

Helm: The domain of Helm, which is called Everwatch, seems to move around the plane's four great mountains. Any time a portal from an opens in the House of the Triad from any other plane (including color pools from the Astral Plane), Everwatch is there - a watchtower manned by a forbidding guardian covered from head to toe in mithral full plate armor. This guardian, whose name and nature are unknown, unfailingly detects alignment and senses the purpose of visitors to the plane. It can call Torm's heavenly hosts in an instant in the case of an invasion. Of course, Helm also lives within the tower of Everwatch and is well equipped to deal with any threat.

Ilmater: Ilmater's realm, the mountain known as Martyrdom, has a great, open-air temple at its heart. Here the petitioners of Ilmater are rewarded in death for their endurance and perseverance in life - and in many cases, for their deaths as martyrs. No creature in Martyrdom can feel any pain, fatigue, or exhaustion. Ilmater's realm is a place of comfort and rest, known by planar travelers as one of the most soothing spots on the planes.

Torm: The True Deity's realm is the mountain called Trueheart, and his palace, located at the heart of the realm, resembles a military fortress. Its walls are mithral, its battlements diamond, and its gates adamantine. Hosts of archons and angels fly in and out of this fortress at Torm's command, serving the causes of law and good on the Outer Planes. These servitors are particularly vigilant against the plans of Bane.

Tyr: The Court crowns the third mountain in the ring around Celestia. Tyr supervises the Court from a great marble hall very much like a court of law. No lie can be spoken within this realm, and Bluff checks automatically fail. Ilmater and Torm frequently come to the Court to consult with the Maimed God.

Siamorphe: The realm of Siamorphe is nestled in a lush valley between the Court and Celestia. Her Alabaster Palace is situated on perfectly manicured grounds surrounded by sparkling fountains and exquisite topiaries, and the squawking of peacocks rings through the valley.

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