Warrior's Rest

The raging chaos of Warrior's Rest erupts in constant battles, random shifts of terrain, and equally wild shifts in battlefield loyalties. Like Clangor and Nishrek, Warrior's Rest is full of petitioners waging war upon each other. Unlike the situation on those planes, however, the petitioners of Warrior's Rest have no constant loyalty, no single affiliation, and no immunity to death. They do regenerate like trolls, and one of the only rules of the constant engagement is that when a warrior falls and rises again, he joins the team that brought him down.

Warrior's Rest Traits

Warrior's rest has the following traits.

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There are no known portals leading to or from Warrior's Rest.

Controlling Warrior's Rest

The basic terrain of Warrior's Rest is similar to an area of rocky badlands on the Material Plane. A creature with a high Wisdom score can shape the terrain nearby, bringing specific features into being in order to provide cover or other advantages in battle. A character can exert control over an area with a radius of 5 feet per point of Wisdom bonus, centered on herself. Within this area, she can use a full-round action to attempt to create or remove one of the following features. The DC for the required Wisdom check is indicated in each entry.

Berm: Creating or removing a berm requires a DC 22 Wisdom check.

Bridge: A character can create or remove a bridge of rock 5 feet wide with a DC 22 Wisdom check. A 10-foot-wide bridge requires a DC 25 Wisdom check.

Chasm: Creating or removing a chasm 50 feet deep, 20 feet long, and 15 feet wide requires a DC 20 Wisdom check. A 100-foot-deep chasm requires a DC 25 check.

Elevation: The character can cause an area equal to or smaller than her zone of control to rise above or sink below the surrounding terrain. Cliffs (Climb DC 15) surround the raised or lowered area. The Wisdom DC is 15 + 2 per 10 feet of elevation.

Rubble: Creating or removing light rubble requires a DC 18 Wisdom check. Dense rubble increases the DC to 20.

Slope: The character can tilt the land within her zone of control in any direction she desires, regardless of the surrounding terrain. The area still merges seamlessly with the ground outside the zone of control. The Wisdom DC is 15 for a gradual slope or 20 for a steep slope.

Trench: A character can create or remove a trench within her zone of control. The Wisdom DC is 12 for a 5-foot-wide trench or 15 for a 10-foot-wide trench.

Warrior's Rest Inhabitants

Many titans are native to the plane of Warrior's Rest, and they join in the great melee with delight. The githzerai have built monasteries amid the roiling chaos of the plane. The petitioners rarely dare to assault these structures because of the eternal death that the monks' ki strike (lawful) can impart to them.

Other inhabitants: Khaasta.

Warrior's Rest Petitioners: The petitioners of Warrior's Rest are common soldiers, generals, strategists, barbarian raiders, and other combat-oriented individuals. They appear as they did in the prime of their lives, in the peak of physical shape and glowing with health. They seek union with their deities by participating in endless battles.

Additional Immunities: Acid, fire.

Resistances: Cold 10, electricity 10.

Other Special Qualities: Regeneration 5.

Regeneration (Ex): The petitioners take normal damage from lawful weapons. The will of Tempus can negate any petitioner's regeneration ability, and such a punishment is usually the immediate precursor of a quick and final death. This fate is reserved for those who show cowardice in battle.

Features Of Warrior's Rest

Most of Warrior's Rest is an enormous battlefield similar to a rocky desert on Toril. Mesas and buttes tower above the otherwise flat land, and outcroppings of rock jut upward in unusual formations.

Garagos: The Reaver proudly proclaims whatever region of the plane he happens to be on as his own realm of Battle Garde.

The Red Knight: The Lady of Strategy has built a permanent fortress called the Red Tower in Warrior's Rest. It is one of the few stable and permanent features of the plane, and its terrain cannot be controlled by any other creature (except Tempus) within a 1-mile radius of the Tower.

Tempus: The entire plane of Warrior's Rest is considered the divine realm of the Lord of Battles, though he allows the other deities who live here to shape the plane according to their own desires. He can always shape it back easily enough if he wishes.

Uthgar: The Battle Father prefers the colder regions of the plane, which he calls Uthgardtheim. Though cold, these areas are no worse than winter in the North of Faerûn - a far cry from frigid realms such as Loviatar's or Auril's.

Valkur: The realm of the Captain of the Waves is the only one that remains separate from the rest - primarily because its terrain is different. Called Safe Harbor, this realm is a placid expanse of saltwater between the battlefield of the desert and a larger expanse of water where naval battles rage.

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