A Jungle Legend - The Uluu Thalongh

Of all the legends whispered about the monster-infested, swamp-riddled jungles of Chult, the most eerie is that of the "Uluu Thalongh", a name whose meaning has been lost along with the tribe.

The Uluu Thalongh is a huge ancient, and malevolent flesh-eating beast. A weird tuneless piping always marks its approach. The sound reduces intelligent jungle creatures to headlong flight or mortal fear.

When it closes its intended prey, the Uluu "goes within" jungle plants and, trees, causing them to ripple and bulge. These swellings move swiftly to branches, from which they burst forth as huge jaws at the end of tentacles - eyeless jaws that see prey perfectly, snapping and tearing until all creatures nearby have died or fled.

If a jaw is "killed," the Uluu leaves the area, but it is never itself slain. Even cabals of-wizards casting fiery and' explosive spells that obliterate miles upon miles of jungle have failed to destroy, the Uluu Thalongh.

More frightening is the tendency of this mysterious predator to lure prey to itself by causing beings to speak for it. To create a "speaker," the Uluu first "stings" a jungle creature or eyen a human by driving a rootlet into the target. Through this, the Uluu sucks out all nutrients (leaving, its speaker to crumple into dust, an empty husk). The Uluu can then convey its own thoughts and mental control through the speaker. Even creatures that don't normally speak can hoarsely whisper words in an attempt to lure humans to its jaws. Sometimes speakers plead for help or shout mock cries for aid from afar-but more often they pose as aides or companions whom the Uluu has already-slain.

Who or what the Uluu Thalongh truly is remains a mystery.