Glacier of the White Worm

From the peaks of the Earthspur Mountains, a frozen river of ice spills from a high cliff into Moonsea at one end and into Lake Icemelt between Impiltur and Damara at the other. The Glacier of the White Worm is named for the white remorhazes that roam it, often in herds of a dozen or more and reputedly led by a "king" worm of giant size. Adventurers tell of fleeing from snow spiders of gigantic size, or remorhazes whose heads were fringed with long, reaching tentacles. The glacier is also home to many lesser creatures.

Old histories claim that this glacier was once part of the Great Glacier that covered all these lands. Modern sages warn of something sinister at work in or under this high ice. The glacier is too far south and at too low an altitude. to persist without cold-based magic of great power, they suggest, and the safety of all Faerûn might hinge on learning who works such magic, and why - or at least learning the true nature and powers of the "white worms."

Overlooking the glacier, built into the jagged side of one of the tallest peaks in the Earthspurs, is the Citadel of the White Worm. This sprawling fortress of balconies, windows, and turrets includes tunnels into the rock below it, plus endless rooms, passages, and catacombs of great age. The citadel is better known as the Monastery Of the Yellow Rose, a holy house, of Ilmater. Monks here venerate the Suffering God make blueberry wine, keep extensive archives of the Bloodstone Lands, and preserve the work of the Ilmatari faithful in a spectacular museum of art and handiwork. The monks of the Yellow Rose also gather and record local news from Damara, Impiltur, Narfell, and Vaasa