Magic Item - Random Item Intelligence

Mental Abilities:
   Wisdom : 14
   Intelligence : 10
   Charisma : 8
Ego Score: 42
Price Mod: +25,000 gp
Alignment: Lawful good
Communication : Speech
Like a character, an intelligent item speaks Common plus one language per point of Intelligence bonus.
   Wielder has free use of Sunder
Extraordinary power: Invisibility (wielder only, up to 30 minutes per use) - 3/day
Item Purpose:
Defeat/slay diametrically opposed alignment
The purpose of the neutral (N) version of this item is to preserve the balance by defeating/slaying powerful beings of the extreme alignments (LG, LE, CG, CE).
Special Purpose Powers: - Confusion (DC 14) for 2d6 rounds

Note: If the same ability appears twice, the range, frequency or effectiveness of the ability is doubled, tripled, etc.
If the same extraordinary power appears twice, the uses per day are doubled. Not all intelligent items have special abilities.

Remember to print this out as it is randomly generated each time the page is accessed.

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