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Oil of Slipperiness
This oil adds a +30 bonus to all Escape Artist checks, meaning that it is almost impossible to grapple such a character or to tie or chain him up. In addition, such obstructions as webs (magical or otherwise) do not affect an anointed individual. Magic ropes and the like do not avail against this oil. If the oil is poured on a floor or on steps, the spill should be treated as a long lasting grease spell. The oil requires 8 hours to wear off normally, or it can be wiped off with an alcohol solution (even wine!).
Oil of slipperiness is needed to coat the inside of a container that is meant to hold sovereign glue.
Caster Level: 6th;
Prerequisites: Brew Potion, grease, spellcaster level 6th+;
Market Price: 900 gp.

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