Realms Personalities : Alorgoth, Bringer of Doom

Although many folk of other faiths think of Sharran clergy as sinister, openly cruel folk of black, cowled robes and endless plots who delight in poisonings and betrayals, the church of Shar has room to embrace less aggressive clergy. One such is the tireless wanderer Alorgoth, the Bringer of Doom, who travels about eastern Faerûn furthering the work of Shar.

Alorgoth is a tall, thin, sharp-chinned man who prefers to work alone, although he will not hesitate to recruit lesser Sharran clergy to aid him when necessary. Standing outside much of the organized faith, he is known to enjoy the personal favor of Shar and has as much authority as any archpriest of the church. Clergy who have crossed him have been as quick to taste his attacks as have the traditional foes of the faith, and when Alorgoth must engage in battle, he doesn't hesitate to summon demons to fight for him.

Disguises and misdirection are far more to his liking, however. Alorgoth spends his days conniving with rulers, nobles, or (when they are hopelessly weak, corrupt, or controlled by others) by forces seeking to overthrow or supplant local authority. He offers them the aid of Shar in persecuting their foes in return for their financial and sometimes military support, but he prefers to work not through open strife but by spreading secrets, stealing things, and kidnapping people. Alorgoth also destroys records, contracts, and documents whenever possible, and uses magic to make folk forget things.

The Bringer of Doom is forever spreading rumors and suggesting that secrets are being kept, creating an aura of mystery. In this way and by invoking the name of Shar in every act, he increases the influence and public fear of the Lady of the Night.

He delights in taking part in treasonous cabals, seductions, criminal rings, and events that spark wars and strife - but always under an assumed name and wearing a shape not his own. It is a measure of his success that he operated for decades without the Harpers discovering his name and spreading word of him.

Though he is now swiftly growing infamous, the Bringer of Doom shows no signs of slowing down. When Harpers or agents of a throne he has thrown into turmoil close in on him, Alorgoth drops out of sight by dodging through a portal or getting lost in a large city and lying low - working aways for the greater dark glory of Shar.

Source: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

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