Realms Personalities : Harshnag the Grim

EL 14: Harshnag the Grim is a typically beefy frost giant with snow-white skin, light blue braided hair and beard, and light blue eyes. Exiled from his clan in the Spine of the World for his "soft" nature, Harshnag wandered south to see the world, eventually entering the City of Splendors. Jardwim (The Gray Hands) was impressed by Harshnag's polite response after the Gray Hands were dispatched to stop Harshnag's expected rampage, and he invited the frost giant to join the group. Today, Harshnag lives in a cave atop Mount Sar, linked to Blackstaff Tower by a large-sized two-way keyed portal. Maliantor, a Gray Hand wizard, alerts Harshnag by means of a sending spell whenever the giant is needed in the City of Splendors.

Harshnag the Grim: Male frost giant Gray Hand enforcer 5; CR 14; Large giant (cold); HD 14d8+98 plus 5d10+35 plus 3; hp 228; Init +4; Spd 30 ft. in +4 full plate armor (base 40 ft.); AC 30, touch 9, flat-footed 30; Base Atk +15 Grp. +31; Atk +28 melee (3d6+19/x3, +1 human bane thundering greataxe) or +26 melee (1d4+12, slam) or +15 ranged (2d6+12, rock); Full Atk +28/+23/+18 melee (3d6+19/x3, +1 human bane thundering greataxe) or +26/+26 melee (1d4+12, 2 slams) or +11 ranged (2d6+12, rock); Space/Reach 10 ft./10 ft.; SA dragonward strike 2/day, rock throwing; SQ damage reduction 3/-, immunity to cold, Lords' boon, low-light vision, rock catching, spell resistance 24, vulnerability to fire; AL CG; SV Fort +20, Ref 4, Will +6; Str 34, Dex 11, Con 24, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 12.

Skills and Feats. Climb +14, Craft (weaponsmithing) +6, Intimidate +13, Jump +14, Spot +13; Cleave, Endurance, Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Toughness, Weapon Focus (greataxe).

Languages: Common, Giant.

Rock Throwing (Ex): Range increment 120 feet.

Dragonward Strike (Su). Harshnag can use a dragonward strike two times per day, as long as he is within 10 miles of Waterdeep. He makes a single melee attack with a +4 bonus on the attack roll and.a 4 bonus on the damage roll.

Rock Catching (Ex): See Frost Giant.

Lord's Boon (Su). Harshnag can heal himself up to 20 hit points per day. He can use the healing all at once, or spread it out among several uses.

Possessions: +4 full plate armor, Gurfs greataxe* (+1 human bane thundering greataxe), Gray Hand token, 3 potions of cure moderate wounds, potion of invisibility, potion of reduce person.

Source: City of Splendors - Waterdeep

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