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Methild's Harp

When played by a character with at least 1 rank in Perform (harp) for 1 full round, this masterwork harp (+2 circumstance bonus on Perform [harp] checks) sends forth magical vibrations that cause locks, lids, doors, valves, and portals to open. The device functions against normal bars, shackles; chains, bolts, and so on. Methild's harp also automatically dispels a hold portal spell or even an arcane lock spell cast by a wizard of less than 15th level. It also unties knots and bindings and frees targets from entanglement of any kind (including web spells).
Each round of playing opens only one form, of locking or tying or frees a single target from its bonds or entanglement. The harp doesn't function in an area of silence, nor can it affect a target in such an area. Methild's harp has has a range of 100 feet and may he played a maximum of 3 rounds per day.
Caster Level: 7th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, knock
Market Price: 4,100 gp; Weight: 3 lb.

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