Random Magic Wondrous Item

Ioun stone (pink and green sphere)

This stone always float in the air and must be within 3 feet of their owner to be of any use. When a character first acquires a stone, she must hold it and then release it, whereupon it takes up a circling orbit 1d3 feet from her head. Thereafter, a stone must be grasped or netted to separate it from its owner. The owner may voluntarily seize and stow a stone (while sleeping, for example) to keep it safe, but she loses the benefits of the stone during that time. Ioun stones have an AC of 24,10 hit points, and a hardness of 5. This stone grants a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma.
Caster Level: 12th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be 12th level
Market Price: 8,000 gp; Weight:-.

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