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Eye of the Druuthbane

This yellow crystal is the size of a human fist Originally created by a wizard who opposed a powerful druuth (a cabal of doppelgangers led by a mind flayer), but since then widely copied, it glows with a red light when a doppelganger is within 60 feet, blue when an illithid is within 60 feet, and violet if both are within that range. If held in hand the eye provides a +4 resistance bonus on all Will saves. Once per day the crystal can fire a red ray (as a ranged touch attack) that forces a doppelganger back into its true form for 1d4+1 rounds if it fails a Fortitude saving throw (DC 16).
Caster Level: 7th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, detect thoughts, Baleful Polymorph, resistance
Market Price: 18,000 gp; Weight: 3 lb.

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