The Almagest of Handreth

The Almagest is in the process of being transcribed with additional observations and calculations by Lady Janna Darkwood-Horndagger, Master Astrologist of Shadowdale.

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Note that there is currently no time input area. Since few societies in Faerûn, aside from the Lantanese, have anything resembling accurate clocks, and this is a fairly recent invention, clock time has little meaning for most people of Faerûn. In large cities, the priests of Gond and Lathander attempt to keep more accurate time and sound chimes or bells to mark the hours.

See Profession for more information on Profession: Astrologer from Hal MacLeans's article in Dragon #340.
Also see this article for use of Birth Stones and Star Forged items

Also see Astrology for more information concerning astrology in Faerûn.

The Almagest of Handreth, related lore, program and delineations are © D. A. Rorabaugh, 2005

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