Prestige Classes - Extra Domains

Several of the prestige classes allow a member of that class to select an additional domain, which gives an additional granted power and offers more spells for the character to choose as domain spells. Sometimes a domain is specified, and other times a character can choose from any domains offered by his deity (or can choose any domain if he doesn't worship a specific god).

If a non-cleric enters a prestige class that allows access to a domain, the character still gains access to the domain. She can use the granted power bestowed by the domain normally. If she memorizes spells like a druid, paladin, or ranger, then she can simply choose to memorize one of that domain's spells instead of one of her usual spells, but never more than one domain spell of each level. If she is a spellcaster who keeps a spellbook as a wizard does, then she must find or purchase a scroll of that spell and pay the usual price to scribe the spell into her spellbook. In cases where the spell is only divine the wizard may scribe a divine scroll into his book. The wizard then may memorize one domain spell of each level each day. If the non-cleric is a spontaneous caster like a sorcerer or favored soul, then she may select a domain spell to add to her spells known whenever she would have an option to choose a new known spell. A sorcerer does not get to exceed his normal limit of spells known. Once the domain spell is known, the sorcerer may cast it freely. Unless the prestige class specifies otherwise, such spells are considered arcane spells when cast by arcane spellcasters.

For example, if Joan (a 14th-level paladin) gains five levels in the church inquisitor prestige class, she would gain the granted power of the Inquisition domain, which grants her a +4 bonus on all dispel checks. She would have the spellcasting ability of a 15th-level paladin (since the church inquisitor prestige class adds one level to the character's divine spellcasting ability). Thus, when she chooses her spells during her morning prayers, she could choose detect chaos as one of her 1st-level paladin spells and detect thoughts as one of her 3rd-level spells. Zone of truth and discern lies are already on her spell list at the same level or a lower level, so the domain does not affect her 2nd-level or 4th-level spell options.

If Delliva, an 5th-level cleric, enters the contemplative prestige class and gains access to the Glory domain, she can choose the spells in the Glory domain for her domain spells on a given day, or those from the two domains she chose as a 1st-level cleric. The domain's granted power gives her the ability to turn undead with a +2 bonus on the turning check and +1d6 on the turning damage roll. The number of spells per day she can cast is standard for a 9th-level cleric; it does not increase.

If Kharid, a 10th-level sorcerer, gains a level in the divine oracle prestige class, he would gain the granted power of the Oracle domain, enabling him to cast divination spells at +2 caster level. He would have the spellcasting ability of an 11th-level sorcerer. Whenever he gains a new known spell of the appropriate level, he can choose the domain spell for that level. He does not gain any additional spells known or spells per day.

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