Cities and Sites of Aglarond

The coast of Aglarond is dotted with dozens of fishing communities, but few are substantial. Most of the larger settlements are along the northern coastal plain. These include the cities of Velprintalar, Furthinghome, and Emmech. The one major exception is Glarondar, which rose up around the fortress at the near end of the Watchwall. Delthuntle and Laothkund, on the southern coast, are independent cities of the Wizards' Reach and not under the Simbul's rule. All these cities are populated mostly by humans, but they are also home to a substantial number of half-elves.

The small settlements of the Yuirwood, on the other hand, are almost exclusively elven and half-elven. Most are not even permanent, consisting of shelters erected for a season or two and then abandoned when the forest folk decide to move on. The largest of these communities, and one of the few permanent ones, is Relkath's Foot, the unofficial half-elven capital.

Delthuntle (Large Town)

Situated on the southern coast of Aglarond, just to the south of the cape of Altumbel, Delthuntle is not part of either Aglarond or Altumbel. Like the other free cities of the western Wizards' Reach, Delthuntle is on generally friendly terms with Aglarond, and its people often think of the Simbul as their protector as well as Aglarond's. In most cases, if either side were to ask the other for aid, it would be readily granted. Pirates founded Delthuntle only two centuries ago. These were a bloodthirsty lot who raided up and down the Wizards' Reach for decades before deciding the potential gains no longer outweighed the risks. The city's architecture still reflects this nautical heritage. Much of its timber was stripped from the original pirates' ships, as well as from the husks of unfortunate boats that foundered on the nearby reefs. The people of Delthuntle are almost exclusively human, and they have little if anything to do with the half-elves of the Yuirwood.

Delthuntle's harbor is small and shallow, making it a poor choice for merchants. It's perfect for fishing, though, and this is how the vast majority of the people here make their living. Delthuntle's ruler is known as the Master of Pilots, a position handed down from one generation to. the next by popular acclamation. A Master who is ready to retire calls a town meeting and makes the announcement, traditionally putting forward a nominee to take over, Others can be suggested by anyone, but it's rare for any but the favored choice to win.

Emmech (Small city)

This town at the mouth of the River. Umber hosts a fortress that houses the Army of the Lion, which numbers about one-third of Aglarond's soldiers. The Army of the Lion is the first line of defense against Thayan invaders intent on forcing the Tannath Gap. Despite the current truce between Thay and Aglarond, the leader of the soldiers here, Lord Gante Demelin (LG male half-elf Ftrl4), keeps his troops prepared for any eventuality. He has seen too many Thayan tricks over the years to trust the Red Wizards, although the Simbul has guardedly accepted their offer of peace. It hasn't been that long since the last Thayan invasion.

Emmech was originally little more than a campsite set up by hangers-on who served the needs of those inside the grim stone fortress. Today, it is a large, ramshackle town with a military air, although the tents have been traded in for buildings. Most homes in Emmech are made of stones hauled up from the coast, typical of architecture in the cities along the rocky shore. Such building supplies are plentiful, and they provide good protection against both the elements and the few Thayan invaders who make it this far into the land.

Fortress Emmech is a simple, gray affair squatting atop a low hill in the center of town, overlooking the river. Two strong towers on either side of the Umber hold a great river-chain that can be raised to bar the passage of ships; the chain lies on the river bottom most of the time. The fortress bristles with towers and parapets. Every wall is crenelated, and the commander stocks enough supplies to hold off a six-month siege. In times of trouble, the townspeople leave their belongings behind and move within the fortress's gates.

Emmech (Small City): Conventional/nonstandard; AL NG/LG; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 5,715,000 gp; Population 7,620 (including 1,500 troops); Mixed (human 81%, half-elf 14%, halfling 1%).

Authority Figures: Lord Gante Demelin, LG male half-elf Ftr14 (commander of the fortress and a marshal of Aglarond). The ruler of the city is Lady Mantelia Parsuns, LG female half-elf Ari7/Sor5 (a noblewoman whose lands stretch from Emmech to the Dragonjaw Mountains).

Important Characters. Canton Karlesad, NG male human Wiz10 (leader of the battle wizards attached to Lord Demelin's command); Hasl Beskel, NE male half-orc Rog9 (Theskian merchant who secretly spies for Thay); Captain Araevil Darkeye, CG male star elf fighter 2/rogue 5/Aglarondan griffonrider 6 (commander of the griffonrider's based in Emmech).

Army of the Lion: Ftr9, Ftr5, Sor8 (2), Wiz8, War8, Wiz7, Wiz5 (4), War5 (2), Ftr4 (3), Sor4 (4), Wiz4 (2), War4 (7), Ftr3 (4), Wiz3 (2), War3 (47), Ftr2 (22), Wiz2 (2), War2 (218), Ftr1 (38), Wiz1 (3), War (1,136); Lady's' Guard: War10, War9, War5 (2), War4 (2), War3 (3), War2 (5), War1 47); Militia: War (241), Com1 (65); Other Characters: Bbn10, Bbn7, Bbn5 (2), Bbn3 (2), Bbn2 (5), Bbn1 (11); Brd12, Brd9, Brd7, Brd6, Brd5, Brd4, Brd3 (3), Brd2 (7), Brd1 (14); Clr9, Clr8, Clr6 (2), Clr5, Clr4 (2), Clr3 (3), Clr2 (7), Clr1 (22); Drd10, Drd7, Drd5, Drd4, Drd3, Drd2 (2), Drd1 (5); Ftr9, Ftr7 (2), Ftr6, Ftr4, Ftr3 (3), Ftr2 (4), Ftr1 (17); Mnk10, Mnk7, Mnk5 (2), Mnk4, Mnk3 (3), Mnk2 (7), Mnk1 (7); Pal9, Pal8, Pal5, Pal4 (3), Pal3 (3), Pal2 (5), Pal1 (16); Rgr10, Rgr9, Rgr6, Rgr5, Rgr4, Rgr3 (3), Rgr2 (8), Rgr1(6); Rog10, Rog7, Rog6 (2), Rog3 (6) Rog2 (5), Rog1 (7); Sor7, Sor6, SorS (2), Sor4 (3), Sor3 (5), Sor2 (3), Sor1 (9); Wiz10, Wiz8, Wiz5 (2), Wiz4 (2), Wiz3 (2), Wiz2 (7), Wiz1 (15); Adp12, Adp7, Adp6 (2), Adp5, Adp4, Adp3 (4), Adp2 (7), Adp1 (22); Ari10, Ari9, Ari8, Ari7, Ari6, Ari5, Ari4 (3), Ari3 (4), Ari2 (8), Ari1 (22); Exp14, Exp7 (3), Exp4 (2), Exp3 (4), Exp2 (20), Exp1 (153); Com17, Com11, Com8, Com7, Com6, Com4 (4), Com3 (14), Com2 (98), Com1 (5,016).

Furthinghome (Metropolis)

Built on the site of one of the first human settlements in what would become Aglarond, Furthinghome (population 40,643) is one of the largest cities in the land, second only to Velprintalar itself. Lord Fardyl Albin (LN male human Ari16), a descendant of the old royal line of Velprin, rules the city. He is a member of Aglarond's Royal Council but prefers to leave the affairs of the kingdom to the Simbul, concentrating on keeping things as they've always been in his city and catering to the interests of its powerful merchants (many with similarly noble pedigrees).

Ships from many nearby nations continually scud in and out of Furthinghome'a port. The harbor is smaller and shallower than that of Velprintalar, so only merchants with smaller vessels can use it. The people of Furthinghome are hungry for exotic imports from other lands and export goods of all sorts to the rest of Faerûn, including fish, produce, a limited amount of Yuirwood timber, and the famous herbs and flowers grown in the city's numerous greenhouses.

Furthinghome is built in and around a circular road that extends from the port into the rest of the town. Near the port, in the center of the business district, is a large, cobblestoned public park known as Old Furthing, which is the social and financial center of the city. Merchant princes and magnates meet here to arrange trades and broker deals affecting the fortunes of the entire kingdom. Most of the buildings are extremely old, built of stone and weathered wood. As in the rest of Aglarond, there is little new wooden construction.

Furthinghome's eastern hills are blighted by one of the few truly impoverished areas to be found in Aglarond. Generations ago, settlers driven off from the eaves of the Yuirwood came here and raised a sprawling shantytown of lean-tos and thatch huts called Furthingharrow. While the lords and merchants of Furthinghome live in grand manors overlooking the sea, the poor folk of Furthingharrow scrabble to make a living by hiring themselves out as dockworkers, laborers, and drivers. The slums have become a center of human racist sentiment, since most of the people here blame the elves for their lack of prosperity. They believe it takes elven blood to get ahead in Aglarond, and the Sons of Hoar have found the warrens of Furthingharrow a fruitful ground for recruiting to their cause.

Furthinghome is also known as the City of the Peacock. Flocks of the birds roam the countryside, having been brought here nearly a century ago for a Mulhorandi nobleman by the name of Lord Ceraut. Since his death, his beautiful estate has gone to seed, and the peacocks run wild.

Glarondar (Small City)

Glarondar isn't a true city, although it is home to more people than all but a handful of communities in Aglarond. More than two thousand troops are stationed here at the end of the Watchwall, in a fortress of black stone built by the same galeb duhrs who fashioned the massive wall for King Brindor. Another two thousand soldiers guard the Watchwall itself, stretching another thirty miles to the north. This is the Army of the Green Drake, and it is also the largest garrison ever posted on this front - Glarondar and the Watchwall are bursting at the seams.

Glarondar Keep is made of a nearly indestructible, shiny, black stone resembling magically enhanced obsidian, giving rise to its nickname: the Night Fortress. A small town of 1,500 or so people sits in the shadow of the great keep, between the massive structure and the Yuirwood. Most of the inhabitants here are half-elves, many of whom migrated from the wood to start anew in the open air. The structures here are mostly made of weathered wood harvested from trees that have naturally fallen in the forest.

Glarondar (Small City): Conventional/nonstandard; AL LG/LN; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 4,116,750 gp; Population 5,489 (including 4,000 troops); Integrated (human 58%, half-elf 42%).

Authority Figures: Lady Benetia Ordo, LG female human Exp7 (appointed ruler of Glarondar); Lord-General Nartandil Greatshield, LN male half-elf Ftr20 (Marshal of the Keep and commander of the Army of the Green Drake).

Important Characters: Captain Alwyl Madrell, LN female human Ftr8 (a high-ranking officer in the garrison, secretly a supporter of the Sons of Hoar who leads a circle of like-minded officers stationed here).

Army of the Green Drake: Ftr14, Ftrl0, War9, Ftr8, War8, Ftr7 (2), War7, Ftr6 (5), War6 (2), Ftr5 (4), War5 (6), War4 (33), War3 (208), Ftr2 (5), War2 (647), Ftr1 (11), War (3,069); Town Guard: War6, Ftr5, War3 (2), War2 (4), Wan (6); Militia: War3 (2), War2 (7), Wan (53), Com1 (12); Other Characters: Bbn3, Bbn2, Bbn1; Brd6, Brd5, Brd3, Brd1 (4); Clr9, Clr8, Clr6 (2), Clr5, Clr4 (4), Clr3 (5), Clr2 (11), Clr1 (22); Drd5; Ftr3, Ftr2, Ftr1 (4); Mnk7; Pal3, Pal1 (2); Rgr8, Rgr5, Rgr1; Rog4, Rog2, Rog1; Sor7, SorS, Sor4; Wiz14, Wiz7, Wiz5 (2), Wiz4 (3); Adp6, Adp3, Adp1 (3); Ari4, Ari2, Ari1 (7); Exp7, Exp5, Exp4, Exp3 (2), Exp2 (9), Exp1 (31); Com8, Com5, Com4, Com3 (5), Com2 (24), Com1 (1,223).

Relkath's Foot (Small City)

This is the largest permanent settlement of half-elves in the Yuirwood. To many of the locals - those who believe in such "civilized" things as cities - this is the capital of the Yuirwood, much as Velpnintalar is the capital of the encompassing nation of Aglarond. Princess Blindelsyn Olóssyne (NG female half-elf Ari6/Sor6) is a distant descendant of King Bnindor himself. Her brother, Prince Branelwyr (NG male half-elf Ari3/Rgr6) is the city's current representative on the Royal Council and rules in his sister's absence.

Relkath's Foot is built around four tall, majestic trees that rise more than 100 feet out of the forest's thick canopy into the open light. These are said to have sprung from the buried foot of an ancient god, Relkath of the Numberless Branches. Relkath, along with other mysterious powers who predate the elves, is said to be sleeping beneath the forest's soil, someday to awaken when the people of the Yuirwood need their ancient gods again.

Many inhabitants of Relkath's Foot live on the ground, constantly on the lookout for invaders or strangers of any kind. The rest make their homes on wooden platforms in the massive trees and the surrounding forest, all strung together by a complex network of ropes and suspension bridges. Outsiders are rarely permitted in the boughs of the trees. A merchants' square is set up on the ground near the four trees, and a pair of inns flank the town to the north and south. Travelers are welcome as long as they respect the natives and their way of life.

Relkath's Foot is more a center of barter, celebration, and lorekeeping than of commerce and industry. The local hunters bring their game and furs here to sell, usually bartering for needed goods rather than hoarding the Simbul's coinage. Many skilled woodworkers, including some of the kingdom's finest bowyers, keep workshops in and around the town. The Masters of the Yuirwood have their headquarters here. Just outside the city stands a menhir circle portal that leads directly to the Sunglade. From there, the Masters can reach anywhere else in the forest in less than a day.

The rangers of Relkath's Foot - many of whom are masters of the Yuirwood - are legendary. Human rangers from all over Faerûn journey here to learn from these seasoned foresters.


The Royal Hall

Princess Blindelsyn spends much of her time here, overseeing the work of keeping Relkath's Foot running smoothly. It is an amazing structure, made entirely of living wood magically fashioned into floors, walls, windows, and even a leafy throne covered with ever-blooming flowers.

The Royal Hall is situated at the top of the tallest of the four trees. The only thing higher in the entire region is the aerie of a family of song dragons - two mature adults and two young. They live here among the half-elves, and each party is sworn to protect the other. The half-elves cover the ground, while the dragons watch the skies.

Notable Businesses

There are two excellent inns in Relkath's Foot: the Green Man (to the north) and the Taproot (to the south). Both are fine places, although outsiders are more common at the Taproot, which boasts a first-class alehouse as well as private rooms. The Green Man has only a single common room.

The two inns often hold competitions between their regular patrons. These include tests of forester skills, such as climbing greased poles or firing arrows at a moving target through a stand of trees. Outlanders are welcome to join but rarely do well against the local experts.

Major Temples

Many members of the elven pantheon are traditionally represented in Relkath's Foot. Rillifane Rallathil, the elven deity of woodlands and nature, is held in especially high regard; and the House of the Leaflord, in a tree-shaded glen a mile from the town, is one of the largest of Rillifane's temples anywhere on Faerûn. Ilmiryl Oakheart (NG male half-elf Drdl7 of Rillifane), the ranking druid of the Yuirwood, watches over his domain from this place. Smaller shrines to Corellon Larethian and Silvanus also exist.

Relkath's Foot (Small City): Conventional/monstrous; AL CG/LG; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 3,810,000 gp; Population 5,080; Isolated (half-elf 86%, wild elf 8%, human 4%, star elf 1%, other 1%).

Authority Figures: Princess Blindelsyn Olóssyne, CG female half-elf Sor6/Ari6 (appointed leader of the town and direct descendant of King Bnindor); Melordianix, LG female song dragon Sor8 (matriarch of the Relkath's Foot song dragons).

Important Characters. Dervila Greenbow, CG female half-elf Rgr11/master of the Yuirwood 8 (leader of the order); Hamafil Sylerin, CN male wild elf Sor14 (the Green Mage, a powerful and influential advocate for the preservation of the Yuirwood's borders); Yesveld Reshagar, Rgr5/Exp6 (noted woodcarver and a leader of the community).

Town Guard. Rgr9, Ftr8, War8, Rgr5, War4 (2), War 3(6), Rgr2 (3), War2 (5), Wan (29); Militia. War 3 (5), Com 3(2), War2 (31), Com2 (12), War (166), Com1 (38); Other Characters. Brd10, Brd7, Brd5 (2), Brd4 (2), Brd3 (5), Brd2 (4), Brd1 (7); Clr9 (2), Clr7, Clr4 (3), Clr3 (3), Clr2 (8), Clr1 (10); Drd9, Drd7, Drd6, Drd4 (2), Dnd3, Drd2 (5), Drd1 (11); Ftr14, Ftr9, Ffr7, Ftr6, Ftr4 (4), Ftr3 (4), Ftr2 (4), Ftn1 (13); Rgr10, Rgr9, Rgr8, Rgr7 (5), Rgr5 (2), Rgr4 (4), Rgr3 (10), Rgr2 (12), Rgr1 (44); Rog13, Rog8, Rog6 (2), Rog4 (3), Rog3 (3), Rog2 (7), Rog1 (13); Sor8, Sor7, Sor6 (3), Sor4 (2), Sor3 (2), Sor2 (4), Sor1(7); Wiz9, Wiz8, Wiz5, Wiz4 (3), Wiz3 (3), Wiz2 (5), Wiz1(16); Adp10, Adp7, AdpS (2), Adp4, Adp3, Adp2 (9), Adp1 (19); Ari10, Ari7, AniS (2), Ani4 (3), Ani3 (5), Ari2 (4), Ari1 (18); Expl6, Exp10, Exp8 (2), Exp5 (2), Exp4 (4), Exp3 (11), Exp2 (21), Exp1 (122); Com14, Com8, Com7 (2), Com6, Com5 (2), Com4 (5), Com3 (19), Com2 (44), Com1 (4,204).

Spandeliyon (Large Town)

The people of Altumbel are almost entirely human and notably xenophobic, far more so than their neighbors in Aglarond proper. They live almost exclusively in small fishing villages scattered along the western shores like seashells. The one exception is the capital, Spandeliyon, the City of Pirates.

Spandeliyon is little more than a cluster of low-slung wooden buildings made gray from constant exposure to the harsh winds and rains that lash the lands. The architecture here is more eclectic than in the rest of Aglarond, which isn't saying much. The regular influx of "retired" pirates along with fisherfolk from all across the Sea of Fallen Stars would seem to give the place a more cosmopolitan flavor. The truth, however, is that people come here to be left alone - at least to get away from their former lives. When facing an outside threat, though, the people of Spandeliyon are thick as thieves.

Spandeliyon is governed by a ruling council of those merchants who chose to buy a voice in governing the city. Similar councils run most of Altumbel's town, although in some places, hereditary nobles are born to hold seats. The First Consul of Spandeliyon also sits on the High Council of Altumbel, which is composed of representatives from all of Altumbel's towns and villages. In practice, the High Council never molts except under the most dire of emergencies, and even then is incapable of agreeing on a course of action. About half of the delegates follow the lead of the First Consul, while the rest refuse to go along and return to their homes.

Spandeliyon (Large Town): Conventional; AL LN; 3,000 gp limit; Assets 718,350 gp; Population 4,789; Isolated (human 96%, half-elf 3%, halfling 1%).

Authority Figures. Lord Kargil Ninton, LN male human Ari8 (First Consul of the city, elected to represent Spandeliyon to Altumbel's Ruling Council and administer the city); Mard Dantakain, LN male human Ftr11 (Captain of the Guard, leader of Altumbel's military forces; Mard despises politics, leaving such things to Kargil Ninton).

Important Characters. Aldemus Rington, LN male Wiz7 (retired adventurer who lives on the edge of town); Llewellen Nash, LN female Drd8 (in charge of helping with the weather in bad times).

First Consul's Guard.- War10, War7, Ftr6, Ftr5, War5, Ftr4, War4 (3), Ftr3, War3 (11), Ftr2 (2), War2 (34), War (131). City Watch. War5, War4 (2), War3 (3), War2 (5), War (12). Other Characters: Bbn5, Bbn3, Bbn2 (2), Bbn1 (3); Brd6, Brd5, Brd2 (2), Brd1 (3); Clr8, Clr6, Clr4, Clr2 (2), Clr1 (3); Drd3, Drd1 (2); Ftr5, Ftr4, Ftr3 (2), Ftr2, Ftr1(4); Mnk6, Mnk4, Mnk3, Mnk2 (2), Mnk1(2); Pal5 Pal3, Pal2 (3), Pal1(2); Rgr6, Rgr4, Rgr3, Rgr2 (2), Rgr1 (2); Rog8, Rog7, Rog6, Rog4 (2), Rog3 (3), Rog2 (2), Rog1(5); Sor8, Sor7, Sor4, Sor3 (3), Sor2 (4), Son (5); Wiz10, Wiz8, Wiz5 (2), Wiz4 (2), Wiz3,Wiz2 (2), Wiz1 (5); Adp9, Adp4 (2); Adp3 (5), Adp2 (4), Adp1 (17); Ari5, Ari4, Ari3 (3), Ari2 (5), Ari1 (16); Exp8, Exp7 (2), Exp6, Exp5, Exp4 (5), Exp3 (7), Exp2 (9), Exp1 (116); War6, War4, War3 (4), War2 (7), War (23); Com11, Com8, Com5 (2), Com4 (4), Com3 (25), Com2 (174), Com1 (4,032).

Velprintalar (Metropolis)

This shining city is the crown jewel of the peninsula and one of the most beautiful and striking cities of all Faenûn. Over 65,000 souls call this place home, as does the Simbul herself. Formerly the seat of the human kings of old Velpnin, Velpnintalar has been the capital of united Aglarond since King Brindor's time.

Velpnintalar is the only major port in Aglarond proper. Its harbor is deep and well sheltered from the sea. Ships of any size sail or row in and out of the wide bay all day long. Velpnintalar's docks are usually crammed with merchant ships from Impiltur and Sembia, jockeying for space next to the smaller fishing boats. A large naval yard dominates the east end of the harbor, home to the graceful, whitewashed warships of the queen's royal navy. Commerce is booming in Aglanond's largest city, for peace with Thay has brought no small prosperity. In fact, the population of the city has nearly doubled over the past decade.

Velpnintalar's green hills rise quickly as one travels inland from the water's edge, forcing buildings closer and closer together on precariously steep slopes. It's not uncommon to see new stories built atop the old ones. The architectural styles of the different floors don't always match up, giving the city a unique patchwork look.

The Simbul's Palace

The Simbul lives in a graceful palace of pale green Mulhorandi stone, perched atop a hill overlooking the harbor and city below. This place was built several generations ago on the site of the original place. Commissioned by King Brindon himself, that beautiful wooden structure burned to the ground during an attack by a red dragon whose corpse remains at the bottom of the harbor.

Over the years, the various rulers of Aglarond have woven layer after layer of magical protections and conveniences into the place. The Simbul herself has made many contributions to this legacy, making this the safest and most marvelous building on the entire peninsula. The Simbul, though, is often not here. Her steward, a wise lord named Nerrol Hamastyl (LG male half-elf Rgr6/Pal6) governs the Royal Council and serves as regent in lien absence, often under the command of one of her four apprentices: Phaeldara (CN human female Sor16/Wiz8), The Masked One (CN human female Sor14/Rog9), Thorneira Thalance (LN human female Sor12/Wiz6), and Evenyl Nathtalond (NG human female Sor11/Wiz5). The commander of the Simbul's Guard, High Captain Hovor Seawind (CG male half-elf Ftr4/Rog6/Aglarondan griffonrider 8), assists the High Steward in his duties.

The Council Hall

The Royal Council of Aglarond meets here once a month, usually during the full moon. Each settlement has the right to send a representative to the council, but not all take advantage of this opportunity. Most council seats are hereditary titles joined to the holdings of the oldest and most noble lines of a city or province. The High Steward Nerrol Hamastyl is the Simbul's representative to the Council most of the time, although he steps aside on those rare occasions when the queen of Aglarond chooses to address the Royal Council in person.

The hall is built of weathered wood in the traditional Aglarondan style. It was once a simple structure consisting of a single large meeting room, but over the centuries the council has added on to it. Today, visitors normally require either a guide or a map to get around.

Once here, councilors need never leave. There are plenty of guest rooms, pantries, kitchens, meeting rooms, and so on, all centered on the main hall. The place is a ghost town when the council is not in session, but sessions are taking longer and longer, often up to a full tenday or more, so the amount of down time grows shorter and shorter.

Major Temples

Both Chauntea and Selûne are popular among the humans of Aglarond's coast, and large old temples to each deity stand on the hills above the city. The House of the Four Moons is Selûne's temple, a graceful old cathedral of white, stone that gleams like a beacon with silver light beneath the full moon. The priestesses of Selûne maintain regular contact with other temples of their goddess throughout FaeriTh, and they work with the Harpers and other groups to promote the advancement of good over evil in their homeland and beyond.

The Green Lady's Keep is Velpnintalar's temple to Chauntea. Located well inland from the hill-ringed harbor, it is a low, rambling structure that includes a temple, a civic granary, and a large fortress-like abbey, home to more than one hundred monks famed for their potent ale. Greenish in color and said to include-fermented parsley, it is one of the most popular of the city's many exports, and the monks are working overtime to meet the increased demand.

Other Notable Places

The manor house of Lady Mytela Halvasyn is home to an informal society started by the long-dead matriarch's descendants. The nature of this club is secret, but everyone in town knows that only wealthy or powerful half-elves are permitted to join. The reason for this is that the group is dedicated to expelling the humans from Aglarond.

This movement, known as the Society of the Verdant Arrow, has been growing in strength over the past few years. Having a frequently absent human rule the country has only inflamed the anger of the society's members. The Verdant Arrows are directly opposed to the Sons of Hoar, and the more violent Sons have earmarked prominent Verdant Arrows for intimidation and harassment - or death.

Griffonheight Keep is the main barracks of the city and the home of the famed Aglarondan griffonriders. It sits atop a hill and houses 400 foot soldiers plus a squadron of aerial cavalry. The keep has been expanded and improved over the past few years, giving rise to wild rumors about why the Simbul would increase the military presence in the capital, which has never come under direct attack by an army since its founding.

Many attribute the buildup as a response to the number of Thayan ships passing through. Actually, the Simbul is aware of the plans of the Verdant Arrows (and suspects many of the plots of the Sons of Hoar) and wishes to be prepared for any eventuality. Secret societies within the army agree with the sentiments of one party or the other, though, so the soldiers of Aglarond may not be reliable. Once the time comes to choose sides, they won't all be on the same one.

Velprintalar (Metropolis): Magical/conventional/nonstandard; AL CN/LN/N; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 330,220,000 gp; Population 66,044; Integrated (human 51%, half-elf 40%, elf 3%, halfling 3%, dwarf 1%, gnome 1%, half-orc 1%).

Authority Figures: The Simbul, (CN female human Sor20/Acm2/Wiz10 (queen of Aglarond and Chosen of Mystra); High Steward Nerrol Hamastyl, LG male half-elf Rgr6/Pal6 (chief, executive for the Royal Council); High Captain Hovor Seawind, CG male half-elf fighter 4/rogue 6/Aglarondan griffonrider 8 (commander of the Simbulmyn and master of the Simbul's palace).

Important Characters: Carliela Benstyl, LN female human Rog11/Ftr6 (leader of the Merchants' Guild and an influential member of the Sons of Hoar); Caytran Halvasyn, CN male half-elf Brdl8 (wealthy noble merchant and leader of the Verdant Arrows). Simbul's Guard. Ftr15, Ftr4/Wiz10, Wiz13, Wiz12, Ftr11, Ftr9 (2), Ftr4/Wiz6, Rog2/Ftr7, Ftr8 (2), Wiz8, Ftr7 (4), Wiz7 (2), War7 (3), Ftr6 (6), Wiz6 (2), War6 (9), Ftr5 (24), Wiz5 (9), War5 (21); City Guard. War16, Ftr14, War13, War11, War10, War8, War7 (2), War6 (2), War5 (3), War4 (4), War3 (12), War2 (38), War1 (323); Militia. War4 (11), War3 (34), War2 (181), War (1,219). The rest of Velpnintalar's citizens are too numerous to list here.

Heroes and Monsters

Aglarond is home to unique characters and creatures.

Most Aglarondans are humans or half-elves; adventurers are most commonly rangers or sorcerers. Rangers from Aglarond may choose Thayans as a favored enemy.

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