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This quiet, peaceful fishing port and farmers' market town has an old, crumbling castle, and town walls in slightly better repair. The first Borderer stop for caravans southbound on the Golden Road, Alamontyr is protected by its Shield Duke (Bardran Thulmaer, NG male Tethyrian human Ftr14) and his Griffon Knights (forty mounted Ftr5-8s who patrol the realm tirelessly, and have been known to affix magical wands to their lances). The aging Duke, a burly giant of a man with huge white mustache, is well-loved by his people - not only in Alamontyr, but in The Realm of the Smoking Star to the west. Decent and conservative in his justice, he often consults with local religious leaders before making political decisions.

Alamontyr is home to Valkurhouse, a temple to Valkur the Mighty, worshipped as the protector of those who sail the dangerous Lake of Steam; The Moonsilver Door, a small (converted house) temple of Selûne; and The Just Hall, a modest temple of Tyr. A former mansion is being rebuilt into a miniature castle, while serving as a shrine to the Red Knight whom the Griffon Knights venerate. They adopted her as their personal patron after an incident they won't discuss, that befell some dozen years ago.

Alamontyr's comparative safety (raiding nomads from the Shaar have been defeated by the Griffon Knights many times, and seem to have lost interest in attacking the town) and benevolent rule have attracted craft-folk, and the town today houses the largest gathering of finesmiths, woodcarvers, potters, glaziers, jewelers, and tailors in the Border Kingdoms. Their wares are exported widely. However, agents of Chessenta, Westgate, and (most aggressively) the Red Wizards are actively interested in discovering opportunities for corruption in prosperous Alamontyr.

Zhentil Keep has been absent from the local cast of villains for more than a decade; their agent foolishly tried to assassinate the Shield Duke so that he could be replaced by a puppet ruler - and was dismembered by several enthusiastic Griffon Knights, who shipped the component parts to separate members of the ruling Council of Zhentil Keep. One bold knight even appended a note to his package that read: "Don't forget to feed the beholders, mind." (A one-night infestation of gas spores in the town seems to have been an answer to this jibe; they seemed to appear literally from nowhere, and more than one local believes they all appeared from a magical portal - or six.)

The town is also threatened from below, by Underdark creatures disturbed by Alamontans delving into the Shieldmaidens in search of once-plentiful local copper. On at least three occasions, ropers have been discovered in Alamontan cellars or in crypts and sewers about town. Whispers are growing that someone (or something) in town is aiding - perhaps even worshiping - these "tentacled ones."

Moreover, the aging Shield Duke has named no successor, rival Griffon Knights covet his title, and local clergy - to say nothing of meddling outlanders - seem to have their own ideas for who should rule.

The badge of Alamontyr is a full-face silver shield held aloft by two white wings, on a dun background. The shield displays a rampant red griffon facing the dexter, and its base (bottom tip) drips three large, crimson teardrops of blood. The dun banners of the Griffon Knights display a plain winged shield.

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