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A proudly independent port on the Lake of Steam shores, Arthyn has a poor harbor but has always been an important trade-town, thanks to rich copper and iron deposits in the surrounding hills. Borderers still prefer the fine daggers made in town, known as "Arthyn fangs," over other knives. In recent decades, the smelting-center has been enriched by a strong local population of crafters and hill-farmers, who avoid strife and try to keep trouble from their town. (The bloodshed of Mukshar is a clear lesson on their doorsteps.)

Arthyn was the home of the Witch of the Mists, whose medicines saved the lives of many Borderers in days gone by. She died decades ago, but medicines claimed to be made from her secret processes and ingredients are still sold in town, and Borderers grow up believing that "healing is at hand in Arthyn." A shrine to Lathander, The Morningtable, was recently established alongside the long-established Arth temple of Chauntea, just to meet the needs of the diseased and dying folk who come to town willing to trade everything for life and health. The Morningtable is tended by the young, eager Darraskyn Eldron (NG male Tashalan human Clr4 [Lathander]), who works cordially with the Harvesthand of The Bright Sheaf, Arthyn's walled garden temple of Chauntea (LG female Calishite human Cleric 9 [Chauntea]).

The two temples sponsor and largely control the Arthlord, who is more of a police chief and magistrate than a mayor; Arthlord Harrond Tralvus (a large, florid, fierce-mustached LN male Chondathan human Ftr6) maintains the "Lockgates" (jail) and commands the town watch (sixteen Ftr 2-4s in leather armor, who patrol in groups of six, wield a variety of weapons, and are liked and respected by Arth-folk, plus a militia of seventeen "badged" merchants, who pay lower taxes in return for responding when called by the Watch-horn; miscreant outlanders should be aware that these "Badgelars" include several former adventurers of surprising battle-competence). The Arthlord sits in judgment in all trials, which are local public spectacles held in the town square, and is fair and just; advocates can argue for and against accused persons, and eloquent arguments often sway a verdict. Public policy is proclaimed by the Arthlord, but formulated by landowners of Arth who speak with Tralvus.

Arthyn has always been a smuggling port. A nearby sea-cave containing crates of spearheads and horseshoes (probably destined for some long-ago Calishite conflict) was recently discovered; the discoverers were later found dead or hurriedly left town.

The badge of Arthyn is a white pick (head to the upper left) and crutch, diagonally crossed on a green circle. In battle, this is simplified to a white "X" on green silk armbands worn by Arth-folk.

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