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Obliviax (CR 5)

Large Plant
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: -

Hit Dice:
Fort , Ref , Will

Speed: -
Base Attack -; Grapple -
Special Attacks:

Abilities: Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
Special Qualities:
Advancement: -

Climate/Terrain: Tropical to temperate climates
Organization: see text
Treasure: None

Source: Converted

Obliviax is a black moss with the magical ability to steal memories from intelligent creatures. It is called "memory moss" and is a bane to wizards everywhere. Pitch colored and thick, like a luxuriant black carpet, obliviax grows in small patches and spreads through spores. Its leaves and flowers are all glossy black. When it lacks stolen memories it quivers, as if in anticipation. It smells like damp, loamy dirt, a very unappetizing odor. Although it requires no sunlight to grow, it does require daylight to trigger spore production and so it does not naturally occur in subterranean realms. It can be inadvertently or purposefully carried into a cavern, where it will grow but is unable to reproduce. Fire and cold will kill a patch of obliviax.

Memory moss can sense the approach of sentient beings. Once a creature is within 60 feet, the moss attempts to steal its memories. It is selective, first attempting to steal wizards' and sorcerers' memories, then clerics' and druids', then any other spellcasters', then any other characters'. A targeted creature is allowed a Will save (DC 16) to avoid losing all memories from the last 24 hours, including all memorized spells. The memory moss attempts to steal from one creature per round. Once a creature fails its save, the memory moss is sated, and will not attack again for one day.

A creature whose memories are stolen acts as if affected by a confusion spell for 1d4 hours. Lost memories can be recovered only by eating the living obliviax. Doing so requires a Fortitude save (DC 13). Success indicates the creature eating the moss has gained the stolen memories it contained (those taken by the obliviax within the last 24 hours). Anyone who gains spells by eating the obliviax can cast them, but the memories fade after 24 hours, unless the creature who lost its memory and spells is the one that actually eats the memory moss.

If the save fails, the eater becomes very ill (initial and secondary damage 1d3 temporary Constitution and -2 to all rolls for 1d6 minutes).

If an obliviax with stolen memories is attacked it forms a part of itself into a tiny moss imitation of the creature whose memories it stole. This mossling remains attached to the parent moss and defends the plant by casting any stolen spells.

When first encountered, there is a 25% chance that the memory moss has eaten within the last day, and will not attack. In such a case, the moss and mossling will contain 2d4 spells determined randomly using the Random Scrolls Tables. The mossling casts these spells at a level equal to the average party level +/- 1d4.

The Obliviax first appeared in the 1e MM II (Gary Gygax, 1983).

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