Golden Hills

Golden Hills is a plane that consists of seven rolling hills, one for each of the gnome deities who reside there. Everything in Golden Hills is lightly tinted or highlighted with gold, and its burnished sheen glows in the light of the setting sun.

Golden Hills Traits

Golden Hills has the following traits.

Golden Hills Links

Flandal Steelskin maintains a portal to the realm of Gond in the House of Knowledge. Golden Hills is connected to the trunk of the World Tree, and through it to the rest of the celestial planes.

Golden Hills Inhabitants

Besides the gnome petitioners, the only inhabitants of Golden Hills are the angels that serve the gnome deities.

Golden Hills Petitioners: All the petitioners of Golden Hills - even those few who were not gnomes in their mortal lives - appear as healthy, happy gnomes here. Each Golden Hills petitioner has the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Cold, fire.

Resistances: Electricity 10, sonic 10.

Other Special Qualities: Gnome racial traits (as described in the Monster Manual).

Features Of Golden Hills

The leadership and guidance of Garl Glittergold pulls the gnome pantheon into a unified whole, and it could be said that he does the same for Golden Hills, uniting the seven realms of the gnome deities into a single place.

Baervan Wildwanderer: The Masked Leaf's realm is called Whisperleaf, after the great oak planted on top of the hill. Baervan's spear is cut from the wood of this oak tree and carries the same name as his realm. The cozy cottage nestled beside the tree looks small from the outside, but it's large enough within to hold all of Baervan's petitioners and servants.

Baravar Cloakshadow: The Sly One's realm, known as the Hidden Knoll, is full of tricks and nonlethal traps, swathed in illusion and designed around deception. Like Baravar's church, his petitioners are loosely organized, dwelling in small settlements scattered across and within the Hidden Knoll.

Callarduran Smoothhands: The realm of the Master of Stone is called the Deep, and though it appears to be the smallest hill of the seven, its caverns extend far below the earth. Svirfneblin petitioners usually end up in this realm whether they specifically revere Callarduran or not, simply because the terrain seems most like home to them.

Plandal Steelskin: The Mithral Forge is the Master of Metal's domain. This realm of fire and heat is concealed beneath a hill that shakes with every blow of Flandal's hammer. A portal leading from the Elemental Plane of Fire provides the heat for this forge.

Gaerdal Ironhand: Stronghaven, the realm of Gaerdal Ironhand, is aptly named, since it is the most fortified of the gnome deities' realms. This military fortress forms the first line of defense for the entire plane, and it is surely the last it will ever need. Stronghaven is also the one place in the Golden Hills where practical jokes are frowned upon and laughter is seldom heard.

Garl Glittergold: Though the leader of the gnome pantheon has a hill of his own here (Glitterhome, the largest of the seven hills), he prefers to spend his time roaming the plane as a watchful protector.

Segojan Earthcaller: The Earthfriend's realm is known as the Gemstone Burrow, and it is home to many burrowing animals as well as gnomes. The Gemstone Burrow consists of an endless bundle of earthen tunnels, and the petitioners who live there dig fine, comfortable burrows of their own.

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