The House of Knowledge

Contrary to its name, the House of Knowledge is a wilderness of ancient oaks and clear blue pools. At night, dancing constellations of burning stars fill the sky, and the music of harps echoes though the lonely wood. The plane is dedicated to the preservation and transmission of all kinds of knowledge - not just ancient secrets in dusty scrolls, but the living knowledge of song and story, the blessing of speech, and the understanding that comes from deep familiarity with other living creatures.

House Of Knowledge Traits

The House of Knowledge has the following traits.

House Of Knowledge Links

Gond maintains a portal from Wonderhome to the Mithral Forge, Flandal Steelskin's domain in the Golden Hills. The House of Knowledge is connected to the World Tree's trunk, and through the tree to the rest of the celestial planes.

House Of Knowledge Inhabitants

Aside from petitioners, the angels who serve the good deities of the plane are the only native inhabitants.

Other inhabitants: Kuldurath, rilmani (all).

House of Knowledge Petitioners: The petitioners of the House of Knowledge include former sages, bards, artisans, and loremasters. They appear as they did in life and have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Electricity, polymorph.

Resistances: Acid 10.

Other Special Qualities: As a special property of the plane, these petitioners retain all of their Craft, Knowledge, and Perform skills, though they do not retain other memories of their lives. Thus, many of them possess knowledge without context.

Features Of The House Of Knowledge

The Library of All Knowledge is housed in several buildings scattered throughout the plane. Together, these buildings hold every spell, magic item, song, and fact about the entire universe. While Oghma, Milil, Deneir, and Gond each favor certain buildings over others, they do not have separate realms (as much as Gond might like to have his own).

Gond: Wonderhome is the Wonderbringer's favorite portion of the library, and the nearest thing to a distinct realm that exists on this plane. Wonderhome is a great workshop full of inventions - some known in Faerûn, and many more still undiscovered.

Oghma: The Lord of Knowledge maintains three springs that are scattered throughout the woods, though they change location at his whim. Any creature that drinks water fresh from any of these springs receives the benefit of a heal spell. Each spring also has a unique additional power. The Spring of Knowledge answers one question for the imbiber, as if she had cast a commune spell. The Pool of Music gives the drinker a +20 bonus on the next Perform check she makes within one tenday of drinking from it. The Spring of Poetry grants the imbiber the benefit of a tongues spell that lasts for 48 hours.

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