Deck Of Illusions

Playing CardTarot CardCreature
Ace of heartsIV. The EmperorRed dragon
King of heartsKnight of swordsHuman fighter (male) and four guards
Queen of heartsQueen of stavesHuman wizard (female)
Jack of heartsKing of stavesHuman druid (male)
Ten of heartsVII. The ChariotCloud giant
Nine of heartsPage of stavesEttin
Eight of heartsAce of cupsBugbear
Two of heartsFive of stavesGoblin
Ace of diamondsIII. The EmpressBeholder
King of diamondsTwo of cupsElven wizard (male) and apprentice (female)
Queen of DiamondsQueen of swordsHaIf-elven ranger (female)
Jack of diamondsXIV. TemperanceHarpy
Ten of diamondsSeven of stavesHalf-arc barbarian (male)
Nine of diamondsFour of pentaclesOgre mage
Eight of diamondsAce of pentaclesGnoll
Two of diamondsSix of pentaclesKobold
Ace of spadesII. The High PriestessLich
King of spadesThree of stavesThree human clerics (male)
Queen of spadesFour of cupsMedusa
Jack of spadesKnight of pentaclesDwarven paladin (male)
Ten of spadesSeven of swordsFrost giant
Nine of spadesThree of swordsTroll
Eight of spadesAce of swordsHobgoblin
Two of spadesFive of cupsGoblin
Ace of clubsVIII. StrengthIron golem
King of clubsPage of pentaclesThree halfling rogues (male)
Queen of clubsTen of cupsPixies
Jack of clubsNine of pentaclesHalf-elven bard (female)
Ten of clubsNine of stavesHill giant
Nine of clubsKing of swordsOgre
Eight of clubsAce of stavesOrc
Two of clubsFive of cupsKobold
JokerTwo of pentaclesIllusion of deck's owner
JokerTwo of stavesIllusion of deck's owner (gender reversed)

(Use one of the first two columns to simulate the contents of a full deck using either ordinary playing cards or tarot cards.)

Planar Deck of Illusions

Playing CardTarot CardCreature
King of heartsKnight of swordsPlanetar (angel)
Queen of heartsQueen of stavesAstral deva (angel)
Jack of heartsKing of stavesGhaele (eladrin)
Ten of heartsVII. The ChariotAvoral (guardinal)
Nine of heartsPage of stavesBralani (eladrin)
Eight of heartsAce of cupsHound archon
Two of heartsFive of stavesLantern archon
Ace of diamondsIII. The EmpressElder fire elemental
King of diamondsTwo of cupsGreater earth elemental
Queen of DiamondsQueen of swordsHuge air elemental
Jack of diamondsXIV. TemperanceLarge water elemental
Ten of diamondsSeven of stavesMedium fire elemental
Nine of diamondsFour of pentaclesMedium earth elemental
Eight of diamondsAce of pentaclesSmall air elemental
Two of diamondsSix of pentaclesSmall water elemental
Ace of spadesII. The High PriestessPit fiend (devil)
King of spadesThree of stavesHorned devil
Queen of spadesFour of cupsErinyes (devil)
Jack of spadesKnight of pentaclesBarbed devil
Ten of spadesSeven of swordsHellcat (devil)
Nine of spadesThree of swordsChain devil
Eight of spadesAce of swordsBearded devil
Two of spadesFive of cupsImp (devil)
Ace of clubsVIII. StrengthBalor (demon)
King of clubsPage of pentaclesMarilith (demon)
Queen of clubsTen of cupsSuccubus (demon)
Jack of clubsNine of pentaclesHezrou (demon)
Ten of clubsNine of stavesVrock (demon)
Nine of clubsKing of swordsBabau (demon)
Eight of clubsAce of stavesDretch (demon)
Two of clubsFive of cupsQuasit (demon)
JokerTwo of pentaclesIllusion of deck's owner
JokerTwo of stavesIllusion of deck's owner (gender reversed)

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