Drow Items

Mundane Items

Breathing hood:
Cost: 70 gp; Weight: 5 lb.

Cinnabar Eye Cusps:These are pink lenses of polarized crystal that fit comfortably over the eyes. When worn in an area with an intense concentration of faerzress or other magical radiations of the Underdark, the eye cusps enhance vision. If the wearer does not already have darkvision or low-light vision, they gain darkvision out to 120 feet. If they have only low-light vision, they gain darkvision out to 240 feet. If they already have darkvision, they gain vision over the entire radiation-infused area equal to that of normal vision on the surface at twilight. The eye cusps grant no special vision in an area that has only the normal concentrations of these radiations typically found throughout the Underdark. The DM will determine which areas qualify for the special vision granted by these lenses.
Cost: 50 gp.

Guest Cloak: These mundane-seeming cloaks of an olive or pale green color are handed out to visitors to Erelhei-Cinlu by the drow guards at the entrance to the Vault. The fabric of these cloaks is suffused with darkvision powder (see Alchemical Items) so that they glow brightly when viewed with darkvision. The drow use these to easily identify foreign guests within their city. Any non-drow caught in the city and not wearing one of these cloaks is usually executed.
Cost: 15 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

Mister: This small steel hand-held device can contain a single dose of poison or a potion. As a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, it can be used it to deliver that dose in droplet form to any single target within 5 feet as a ranged touch attack. The mister is an effective vehicle for both contact and inhaled poisons. Ingested poisons allow the victim to attempt a DC 15 Reflex save to avoid contact with the mist and escape the poison's effect. Mister-borne injury poisons are effective only if the victim is wounded and has not been treated with a Heal check.
If the mister delivers a potion, that potion can be used against an adjacent creature that breathes. You can automatically do this to yourself or to a willing or disabled subject. Oils, salves, and elixirs cannot be delivered through a mister.
Refilling a mister requires a full-round action and provokes attacks of opportunity.
Cost: 150 gp.

Potion Bladder: Crafted from the thin, rubbery organs of cloakers and lurkers, these items are slung over the shoulder and worn on the upper back. They are small enough that they do not interfere with backpacks, can be worn under armor, and are easily concealable (+5 circumstance bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to hide). A flexible tube made from the same material runs from this rubbery bladder under the collar and ends below the chin of the wearer. A potion bladder can hold a single dose of one potion. A valve in the bladder prevents the potion from leaking unless suction is placed at the end of the straw-like tube. A potion bladder allows you to drink the potion within as a standard action without provoking attacks of opportunity. Refilling a potion bladder requires a full-round action and is done by siphoning the potion through the straw, this action provokes attacks of opportunity.
Insidious drow have been known to place poisons in the potion bladders of rivals.
Cost: 25 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.

Spider Kit: This kit includes hand, feet, elbow, and knee pads set with hundreds of tiny hooks and smeared with a sticky alchemical substance similar to that in a tanglefoot bag. These pads provide a +2 circumstance bonus on Climb checks; this stacks with the bonuses provided by climber's kits and spelunker's kits. The substance on the pads actually becomes stickier when exposed to moisture, so no penalties apply for slippery surfaces if the slipperiness is caused by wetness. In addition to the pads, the kit also includes a harness, to which are attached four retractable telescoping legs (two on each side of the back so there is room for a backpack between them). These legs also end in the same sticky pads. If you have made a successful Climb check, you can extend these legs and attach them to the surface you are climbing as a full-round action. You can use your hands freely once the legs are extended, because the legs (along with your own feet and knees) adhere you to the wall. The legs can be detached from the wall with a move action and refolded with another move action. If you climb with the legs still extended, you do not gain the +2 bonus on Climb checks normally provided by the spider kit.
Cost: 110 gp; Weight: 5 lb.

Stoneburners: These are special boot tips and gloves with reinforced fingertips that hold small receptacles for stoneburn acid (see Alchemical Items). When pressure is applied to these compartments, the acid is released onto whatever surface is being pressed. If the surface is stone, the finger or boot tips immediately burn a small divot that can be used as a hand or foothold. Using stoneburners along with stoneburn acid provides you a +2 circumstance bonus on Climb checks on stone surfaces. This does not stack with the bonuses provided by climber's kits, spelunker's kits, or spider kits. Stoneburners are typically used by drow who are in a hurry and are not picky about leaving behind a permanent trail.
A single flask of stoneburn acid provides enough substance for a wearer of stoneburners to climb up to 200 feet.
Cost: 5 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

Drow Poison

Drow are renowned for their use of unconsciousness-inducing poison in subterranean ambushes. Drow poison is an Injury (DC 17) poison. Its initial damage is unconsciousness for 1 minute, and its secondary damage is unconsciousness for 2d4 hours. Drow poison costs 75 gp per dose. The dark elves carefully guard the secret of their venom, and it is exceedingly difficult to find it outside of drow realms and outposts. Also see Poison.

Magic Items


The drow are famous for their magical creations. From the house insignia worn by drow of consequence to the curious assassin's cloak, the dark elves have a variety of clothing at their disposal.

Drow rings reinforce or augment their wearer's already impressive abilities. A few, however, are designed to be defensive, aiding the wearer by confounding her enemies.

Amulet of Dark Blessing

Made from an iridescent black gemstone found in the Underdark, these amulets are identical in function to the devices surface dwellers know as amulets of Laeral's tears. These drow devices bestow 24 temporary hit points on the wearer. When those temporary hit points have been expended, the amulet crumbles into worthless dust.
Caster Level: 12th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, aid, shield other; Market Price: 1,200 gp.

Assassin's Cloak

This long gray cloak has a black lining.

Three times per day, whenever you speak the command word, the assassin's cloak diminishes your presence, making you seem insignificant and unimportant. You gain a +10 competence bonus on Hide checks, and creatures must succeed on a DC 17 Will save to attack you. Those who succeed can attack you normally. This effect lasts 10 rounds or until you make an attack (as invisibility), whichever comes first.
Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, heightened (5th) sanctuary. Market Price: 10,000 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 19) abjuration; Cost to Create: 5,000 gp, 400 XP, 10 days; Weight: 1 lb.

Belt Of The Reinforced Form

This wide belt is made of orange scaly leather. Despite its appearance, it is soft and pliable. The adamantine buckle is set with a strange teardrop gemstone that changes color in the light.

While you wear a belt of the reinforced form, whenever you are the target of a transmutation spell or spell-like effect, or some other transformative effect such as an aboleth's slime or a basilisk's petrifying gaze, you gain a +4 bonus on your saving throw.

In addition, once per day, when casting a transmutation spell with a casting time of 1 standard action on yourself, you can cast that spell as a swift action instead.
Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, alter self, haste; Market Price: 5,400 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) transmutation; Weight: 1 lb; Cost to Create: 2,700 gp, 216 XP, 6 days.

Bracers Of Murder

Each of these burnished metal bracers is adorned with grinning skull set with onyx stones in its eye sockets.

Bracers of murder grant you a +2 profane bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against flat-footed targets.

If you have the death attack ability, the save DC to resist your death attack increases by 2.

If you have sneak attack or sudden strike, reroll any result of 1 on the dice.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, divine favor, creator must be evil; Market Price: 8,000 gp; Aura: Faint; (DC 17) evocation; Weight: 3 lb.; Cost to Create: 4,000 gp, 200 XP, 8 days.

Circlet Of Spiderkind Command

Eight tiny silver spiders with ruby chips for eyes adorn this delicate circlet.

Three times per day, a circlet of spiderkind command allows you to issue psychic commands to spiderkind creatures. As a standard action, you can target a single spiderkind creature within 30 feet. The target is entitled to a DC 14 Will save to resist the command. If it fails, you can direct it to perform simple commands such as 'attack,' 'run,' and 'fetch.' If the spiderkind creature has the mindless special quality, you can order it to make suicidal or self-destructive commands.

Once you establish control, you can direct it with silent mental commands as long as you can see the affected creature. Changing a command is a move action.

As a daily use of this item, you can also cast giant vermin on any single spider within range.
Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, dominate vermin, giant vermin. Market Price: 8,400 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 19) transmutation; Weight: 1 lb.; Cost to Create: 4,200 gp, 336 XP, 9 days.

Claw of the Revenancer (Minor Artifact)

This fine metal gauntlet covers the back of the wearer's hand and forearm, attaching to the fingers by way of five silver rings and to the wrist by a fine silver bracelet. The claw has three functions: protection, attack, and creating undead. For the purpose of determining how many magic items a character can wear, the claw counts as one ring, one glove or gauntlet, and one bracer. Thus, the wearer can still wear another ring, a single glove (such as a glove of storing), and a single bracelet (such as a bracelet of friends).

The claw bestows one negative level on any creature wearing it that does not worship Kiaransalee. This negative level persists as long as the claw is worn and disappears when it is removed. The negative level never results in actual level loss, but it cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the claw is worn.

The claw functions as bracers of armor +5 combined with an amulet of natural armor +5 providing the wearer with a +5 armor bonus and a +5 natural armor bonus to AC.

When used as a weapon, the claw functions a +1 weapon that deals 1d6 points of slashing damage (critical 19-20/x2) plus 1d6 points of negative energy damage. The wearer is automatically proficient with the claw.

Finally, the claw of the revenancer allows the wearer to transform a corpse into an undead creature by touching it. Three times per day, the wearer can create a revenant that serves the wearer of the claw (even if that is not the person who created it) instead of single-mindedly pursuing vengeance against its killer. Commanding the revenant to seek its killer frees it from the wearer's command forever. Once per tenday, the wearer can instead create a silveraith from the corpse of a creature that used magic in life. This ability reflects the claw's intimate connection to Kiaransalee. The wearer of the claw cannot create a revenant and a silveraith on the same day.

The undead-creation function of the claw uses the spell trigger activation method, so the wearer must have create greater undead on his or her spell list to use this ability.
Caster Level: 20th; Weight: 1 lb.

Drow House Insignia

This metal token is normally worn on a chain or in a pouch tied around the neck, occupying the same space as a necklace. Each bears a symbol of a noble house from a particular drow city and requires a secret command word to activate. An insignia has a single minor magical ability that can be used once per day, usually a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-level spell. Those belonging to powerful drow often have multiple abilities of various power levels. Typical spells for a house insignia are blur, cat's grace, cloak of dark power, comprehend languages, feather fall, jump, levitate, read magic, scatterspray, shield, spider climb, unseen servant, and water breathing.

Each insignia is slightly different, even those from the same noble house, so a person aware of the unique shape of a person's insignia can magically locate that person.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, appropriate spell; Market Price: 360 gp (1st-level ability), 2,160 (2nd-level ability), or 5,400 (3rd-level ability); Weight. -.

Drow House Insignia (Spell)

This small unusually shaped amulet bears a strange symbol.

Each drow house insignia (spell) is keyed to a specific noble house of a particular drow city, and is wrought to reflect the house that created it. Some might be stylized versions of crossbows, javelins, maces, or even just spiders.

A drow house insignia (spell) contains a single minor magical effect that can be used once per day, usually a 1st-, 2nd-, or 3rd-level spell, with the more powerful spells reserved for drow of significant station or influence.

These insignia typically contain one of the following spells: blur, cat's grace, comprehend languages, feather fall, jump, levitate, shield, spider climb, unseen servant, and water breathing. The aura of this item is of the same school as the spell it contains.

Since each insignia is slightly different - even those from the same noble house - a person aware of the unique shape of an individual insignia can magically locate that amulet with a scrying or similar spell.

Lore: A DC 15 Knowledge (local), or a DC 20 Knowledge (dungeoneering) or bardic knowledge check reveals the house to which an insignia is keyed. Drow gain a +4 circumstance bonus on these checks.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, appropriate spell, creator must be a drow. Price (Item level): See table; Aura: Faint; (DC 17) see text; Weight: -; Cost to Create: See table.

(Item Level)
Cost to Create
1st620 gp (3rd)310 gp, 25 XP, 1 day
2nd3,300 gp (8th)1,650 gp, 132 XP, 4 days
3rd8,200 gp (12th)4,100 gp, 382 XP, 9 days

Drow House Insignia (Transmitting)

This small, unusually shaped adamantine amulet bears a strange symbol.

Each drow house insignia (transmitting) is keyed to a specific noble house of a particular drow city, and is wrought to reflect the house that created it.

Three times per day, by speaking the command word, you can utter a short message into the item, which transmits it up to 1 mile away to another character wearing an insignia of the same house. The recipient hears the message in its mind.

To transmit the message, you must name the intended target as part of the command word. Should the target not be wearing its drow house insignia, the message is lost, but you have no way of knowing whether it successfully transmits or not.

Since each insignia is slightly different, even those from the same noble house, a person aware of the unique shape of an individual insignia can magically locate that amulet with a scrying or similar spell.

Lore: A DC 15 Knowledge (local), or a DC 20 Knowledge (dungeoneering) or bardic knowledge check reveals the house to which this insignia is keyed. Drow gain a +4 circumstance bonus on these checks.
Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, whispering wind, creator must be a drow. Market Price: 500 gp; Aura: Faint; (DC 16) transmutation; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 250 gp, 20 XP, 1 day.

Eyes of the Spider

This device fits on the head in such a way that it covers the wearer's left eye. Eight rubies are set into its silver surface, starting directly over the covered eye and rising in a line toward the top of the head. The jagged shape of the item is reminiscent of a spider's legs. A character wearing eyes of the spider cannot also wear a pair of eye lenses or goggles (though he or she can wear a single eye lens, such as a single eye of charming or eye of doom) or a headband, hat, or helmet.

When the eyes of the spider are first put on, the device extends a protrusion into the wearer's left eye socket. This causes excruciating pain and deals 2d6 points of damage. Once this occurs, the device cannot be removed until the wearer is dead.

Three times per day, the wearer of the eyes of the spider may use a standard action to make a gaze attack identical to the corrupting gaze ability of some ghosts. The range of the attack is 30 feet, and the target must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 19) or take 2d10 points of damage plus 1d4 points of Charisma drain.

The character gains the benefits of a continual true seeing spell (the divine version) to a range of 120 feet. Because the device also grants all-around vision, the wearer cannot be flanked and gains a +4 bonus on Spot and Search checks.

Finally, the eyes of the spider make the wearer immune to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, eyebite, circle of death, prying eyes; Market Price: 212,000 gp; Weight: -.

Excruciating Ring

This bone ring is set with a marble-sized stone of white onyx.

An excruciating ring punishes those who would touch you. Five times per day as an immediate action, when struck by a melee attack, you can send a lance of pain through your opponent, dealing 2d6 points of nonlethal damage.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisite: Forge Ring, death armor; Market Price: 8,000 gp; Aura: Faint; (DC 17) necromancy; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 4,000 gp, 160 XP, 8 days.

Fang Scarab

A fang-shaped crystal dangles from a loop of finely wrought silver chain in the center of this spiderweb medallion. When the chain is used to wrap the fang scarab around a monstrous spider's waist (the juncture of its cephalothorax and its abdomen), the creature can hear Lolth's dark whispers in its subconscious. This gives it an instinctive knowledge of what the next moment will bring, which manifests as a +1 insight bonus on attack rolls. (This ability does not function during Lolth's silence.)

Because the fang scarab is designed for spiders, it's not useful to most adventurers. A nonspider can make a fang scarab function with a successful Use Magic Device check (DC 25), but doing so also fuses it permanently to its user's neck, near the Adam's apple. Nothing short of the wearer's death can then remove it.

Though the fang scarab grants its wearer the same attack bonus that it would to a spider, it also initiates a metamorphosis that can change the wearer into a half-spider abomination over time. When the scarab first attaches itself, the wearer's canine teeth enlarge and coarse black hairs appear on the back of his or her neck. No further changes occur until the character attains levels in the fang of Lolth prestige class.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, divination; Market Price: 3,500 gp; Weight. -.

Fire Elemental Gem

This red or orange gem contains a conjuration spell attuned to the Elemental Plane of Fire. When the gem is crushed, smashed, or broken (a standard action), a fire elemental (Small, Medium-size, Large, Huge, greater, or elder) appears as if summoned by a summon monster spell. The elemental is under the control of the creature that broke the gem.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, summon monster III (Small), V (Medium-size), VI (Large), VII (Huge), VIII (greater), or IX (elder); Market Price: 750 gp (Small), 2,250 gp (Medium-size), 3,300 gp (Large), 4,550 gp (Huge), 6,000 gp (greater), 7,650 gp (elder); Weight. -.

Gloom Mask

This black mask seems to absorb the light around it. It is cool to the touch.

Three times per day, you gain the ability to see in darkness out to 30 feet. This sight penetrates all forms of darkness, even that created by a deeper darkness spell; the effect lasts for 5 rounds.

In addition, three times per day, any spell or spell-like ability up to 3rd level with the darkness descriptor that you cast functions as if you had cast it with the Widen Spell metamagic feat.
Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisite: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, darkvision, deeper darkness. Market Price: 3,000 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 20) evocation; Weight: - ; Cost to Create: 1,500 gp, 120 XP, 3 days.

Hand of Kiaransalee's Glory

Very similar to the hand of glory, this item is a mummified drow hand with a silver ring on each finger. As with the hand of glory, a magic ring placed on one of the fingers (as a replacement for one of the silver rings) functions normally for the character who wears the hand.

In addition, each of the five silver rings allows the wearer of the hand to use a specific spell effect. Each ring can produce one of the following effects once per day: deeper darkness, see invisibility, ray of enfeeblement, chill touch, and spectral hand. If the wearer replaces one of the five silver rings with another magic ring, he or she must sacrifice one of these spell effects in order to replace it with the magic ring's power. If removed from the hand, the silver rings have no magical power.
Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, animate dead, chill touch, deeper darkness, ray of enfeeblement, see invisibility, spectral hand; Market Price: 19,000 gp; Weight 2 lb.

Mask Of The Matriarch

This obsidian mask has been fashioned into the likeness of a drow female. Framing the face are eight straps that hold the mask in place on the wearer's head.

Three times per day, you can make a gaze attack against all creatures that can clearly see you and are within 30 feet. Those who fail a DC 20 Will save cower in fear for 1 round and are shaken on the following round. Your gaze remains effective for 1 round.
Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, imperious glare. Market Price: 9,000 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 20) necromancy; Weight: 5 lb.; Cost to Create: 4,500 gp, 360 XP, 9 days.

Mother's Corset

Woven into this black corset is purple thread suggestive of webbing.

Up to 20 minutes each day (which you can split up as you choose), you can cause the mother's corset to sprout eight spider legs from your body. You gain a climb speed of 30 feet and a +8 bonus on Climb checks. While under this effect, you can take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened.
Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, spiderform, creator must be a drow. Market Price: 7,200 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 19) transmutation; Weight: 1 lb.; Cost to Create: 3,600 gp, 288 XP, 8 days.

Piwafwi, Lesser or Greater

The dark-colored greater piwafwi is a cloak that has all the abilities of a cloak of elvenkind, and it also provides the benefit of endure elements (fire), negating 5 points of fire damage per round. (Lesser piwafwi are simply cloaks of elvenkind.)
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, endure elements, invisibility, creator must be a drow; Market Price: 6,100 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Ring Of Anticipation

This unusual ring is wrought from smooth, transparent lavender glass.

While wearing a ring of anticipation, you gain a +2 competence bonus on listen and Spot checks. When making initiative checks, you can roll twice and take the better result.
Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisite: Forge Ring, cat's grace, owl's wisdom. Market Price: 6,000 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) divination; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 3,000 gp, 240 XP, 6 days.

Ring Of Drow Blood

This strange silver ring appears tarnished in the light, but when viewed in the shadow, it gleams as if highly polished.

A ring of drow blood grants you the ability to use dancing lights, darkness, and faerie fire as spell-like abilities, each once per day. If you already have the ability to use these spells as spell-like abilities, you gain an additional daily use for each at your normal caster level.
Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisite: Forge Ring, dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire, creator must be a drow. Market Price: 4,800 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) evocation; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 2,400 gp, 192 XP, 5 days.

Ring Of Escaping

This black metal ring is extremely smooth. When worn, it fits snugly, though you cannot feel it.

A ring of escaping allows you to slip away from a dangerous situation. For as long as you wear the ring, you gain a +5 competence bonus on Escape Artist checks.

In addition, once per day as a swift action, you gain a fly speed of 60 feet with good maneuverability for 1 round.
Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisite: Forge Ring, fly, freedom of movement. Market Price: 3,100 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) transmutation; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 1,550 gp, 124 XP, 4 days.

Ring Of Resolve

Eight small diamonds encrust this adamantine ring.

A ring of resolve grants you a +4 morale bonus on Will saves made against spells and spell-like effects with the fear descriptor. This is a continuous effect and requires no activation.

Once per day, as an immediate action you can turn back a fear spell or spell-like effect against the original caster as long as that effect had you as the target. For all aspects of the spell, the effect functions as if the original caster had selected itself as the target.
Caster Level: 13th; Prerequisite: Forge Ring, spell turning. Market Price: 5,500 gp; Aura: Strong; (DC 21) abjuration; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 2,750 gp, 220 XP, 6 days.

Ring of See Invisibility

This ring allows the wearer to see invisible, astral, or ethereal creatures or objects within 130 feet as if they were normally visible. It does not reveal illusions or creatures that are simply hiding or concealed. Ethereal creatures viewed from the Material Plane appear slightly hazy and unfocused, but the wearer can otherwise see details normally.
Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, see invisibility; Market Price: 15,000 gp.

Ring of Silent Spells

Once per day, this plain silver ring can create a silence effect centered on the wearer. While the silence remains in effect, the wearer can cast up to three spells without verbal components as though using the Silent Spell feat, except that such spells do not require higher spell slots. The ring of silent spells appears in three varieties: a lesser version that affects only spells of 3rd level or lower, a normal version that silences spells of 6th level or lower, and a greater version that affects all spells.
Caster Level: 5th (lesser), 11th (normal), or 17th (greater); Prerequisites: Forge Ring; Market Price: 9,000 gp (lesser), 29,520 (normal), or 60,840 (greater).

Robe of Gentle Repose

This simple garment is favored by intelligent corporeal undead, particularly liches. It surrounds the wearer with a constant gentle repose effect, preventing all decay of his or her corporeal form.
Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose; Market Price: 10,000 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

Shadow Cloak

This black cloak writhes as if it were alive.

A shadow cloak grants a +1 deflection bonus to AC.

If you are attacked, you can use the cloak three times per day to produce one or the other of the following effects. You can gain concealment for 1 round, or you can teleport to a space you can see clearly up to 10 feet in any direction.
Caster Level: 12th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, blur, dimension hop, mage armor. Market Price: 5,500 gp; Aura: Strong; (DC 21) conjuration, illusion; Weight: 1 lb.; Cost to Create: 2,750 gp, 220 XP, 6 days.

Skullcap Of Eyes

This iron skullcap is wrought to appear as if it were covered in eyes.

As long as you wear a skullcap of eyes, you gain a +5 competence bonus on Spot checks. In addition, opponents gain no bonus on attacks when they flank you. If you have Improved Uncanny Dodge, the level your opponent needs to flank you increases by 2.
Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, combat readiness. Market Price: 5,500 gp; Aura: Faint; (DC 16) divination; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 2,750 gp, 220 XP, 6 days.

Trackless Boots

These boots look rather ordinary, though of fine make.

While you wear trackless boots, Survival checks made to follow your trail have a -5 circumstance penalty. In addition, creatures with scent cannot use this ability to detect you.
Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, camouflage. Market Price: 1,000 gp; Aura: Faint; (DC 16) transmutation; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 500 gp, 40 XP, 1 day


Many drow tools, particularly rods, are symbols of authority, items of great and terrible power wielded only by the most powerful dark elves.

Arachnid Rod

This 3-foot-long rod is made of pale wood bound with bone bands. Images of black dancing spiders cover each band.

Three times per day, you can shoot forth sticky webbing as a ranged touch attack out to a range of 60 feet. Targets struck are entangled and must succeed on a DC 20 Escape Artist check to wriggle free or a DC 24 Strength check to break through the sticky bindings. As with webs created by the web spell, this webbing is extremely flammable: It is burned away after taking 10 points of fire damage.

As one or more of your uses per day you can shoot a sticky strand of webbing out to a range of 120 feet. The strand remains attached to the end of the rod until you the release it (a move action). You can cause the rod to reel in the strand (a standard action) at a rate of 10 feet per round. The strand is strong enough to bear up to 500 pounds of weight, so if you fire the strand at a ledge overhead, you can reel in the strand, lifting you toward the ledge at a rate of 10 feet per round.

If this function is used against a creature, you must succeed on a ranged touch attack. The creature can break free of the strand by attacking it (hardness 5, hp 10), burning it (as above), or succeeding on a DC 24 Strength check to break free. If you reel in the creature, it must succeed on a DC 24 Strength check or be pulled forward. If the Strength check fails by 5 or more, the target falls prone.
Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisite: Craft Rod, web, creator must be a drow. Market Price: 12,000 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 19) conjuration; Weight: 5 lb.; Cost to Create: 6,000 gp, 480 XP, 12 days.

Bottled Night

Inky black liquid swirls inside this fragile glass vial.

You can throw bottled night by making a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet. Upon impact, it instantly fills the area with magical darkness, granting concealment to all creatures in a 20-foot radius. The darkness lasts for 10 rounds.

Bottled night dispels any light spell of 2nd level or lower.
Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, darkness. Market Price: 200 gp; Aura: Faint; (DC 16) evocation; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 100 gp, 8 XP, 1 day.

Daylight Pellet

Within a thick black pouch, you see a handful of tiny ceramic beads. Thin veins of light shine through cracks in each bead.

This implement was devised by drow for use against other drow, but it is equally useful against any light-sensitive creature. A daylight pellet can be thrown up to 50 feet; when it lands, it shatters and creates illumination equivalent to a daylight spell, but with a duration of 10 rounds. These small stones are usually found in pouches containing 3d4 pellets. Using a pellet destroys it.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, daylight. Market Price: 150 gp; Aura: Faint; (DC 17) evocation; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 75 gp, 6 XP, 1 day.

Death Spear, Lesser or Greater

This +1 longspear is bathed in an aura of negative energy that deals an additional 1d6 points of negative energy damage on a successful attack. In addition, the spear can be used to deliver an enervation (lesser death spear) or energy drain (greater death spear) effect on a successful hit. A death spear has 10 charges when created, and each use of a spell effect uses one charge. When drained of charges, the spear retains its aura of negative energy and its enhancement bonus.
Caster Level: 7th (lesser death spear) or 17th (greater death spear); Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, energy drain (greater death spear) or enervation (lesser death spear); Market Price: 13,905 gp (lesser death spear), 38,905 gp (greater death spear); Cost to Create: 7,105 gp + 544 XP (lesser death spear), 19,605 gp + 1,544 XP (greater death spear).

Demon Rod

This red and black rod is three feet long. Black, barbed thorns sprout from its surface. It is warm to the touch.

The demon rod functions as a +1 morningstar. Good creatures struck with it must succeed on a DC 20 Will save or be shaken for 1 round.

Three times per day, you can spend a full-round action to make a melee touch attack with the demon rod. If you hit, the target takes no damage, but must make a DC 20 Will save or become panicked for 3 rounds.

While you wield a demon rod, chaotic evil outsiders you summon gain a +2 profane bonus on melee attack rolls and damage rolls and gain +2 hit points per Hit Die for 6 additional rounds.

Finally, once per day, you can use the demon rod to conjure a vrock demon. The vrock appears anywhere within 45 feet and remains for 6 rounds. When it appears, you must make an opposed Charisma check as a free action to exert your control over it. If you succeed, the demon follows your commands as is normal for a summon monster VIII spell. If you fail, the demon attacks you instead.

If you do not have an evil alignment, the demon rod bestows one negative level for as long as you carry it; this negative level disappears when you drop the rod. The negative level never results in actual level loss, but it cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while you carry the rod.
Caster Level: 18th; Prerequisite: Augment Summoning, Craft Rod, fear, summon monster VIII, creator must be chaotic evil. Market Price: 20,308 gp; Aura: Strong; (DC 24) conjuration; Weight: 6 lb. ; Cost to Create: 10,000 gp (plus 308 gp for masterwork morningstar), 800 XP, 20 days.

Elixir Of The Unfailing Servant

Inside this bone flask is a noxious black fluid that stinks of rot. The flask itself resembles a screaming face, with a fat stopper in its mouth.

An elixir of the unfailing servant ensures that minions keep fighting, even in death. If you consume this vile concoction, any time within the next 8 hours that your hit points are reduced to O or lower, you are instantly slain. On the following round, you rise as a zombie with the instructions to attack any non-drow you encounter.
Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, animate dead, death knell, creator must be evil. Market Price: 750 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 19) necromancy; Weight: -; Cost to Create: 375 gp, 30 XP, 1 day.

Flaying Rod

This slender metal baton is painted crimson. Sharp metal barbs cover one end, while the other is wrapped in black leather.

Upon grasping a flaying rod, you cause the barbs to slip free of the head on thin adamantine chains. The flaying rod functions a +1 scourge of speed. (A scourge deals 1d8 points of damage, threatens a critical hit on a 20, and does x2 damage on a confirmed critical hit.) If you confirm a critical hit with a flaying rod, the creature struck is wracked with pain and cowers for 1 round. Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to this effect.

When you cast spells with the fear descriptor when holding a flaying rod, your caster level increases by 1.
Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisite: Craft Rod, daze monster, fear, haste, creator must be a drow. Market Price: 35,000 gp; Aura: Moderate; (DC 17) necromancy, transmutation; Weight: 5 lb.; Cost to Create: 17,500 gp, 1,400 XP, 35 days.

Rod of the Twisted Weave

This rod is a long black scepter with a point at one end. The other end is an intricate design of loosely woven and twisted strands, with raw magical energy glowing pale green in the midst of it, like a burning jet of natural gas. The rod of the twisted Weave functions just like a rod of absorption, automatically absorbing single-target spells or rays (and spell-like abilities duplicating those effects) directed at the possessor or the possessor's gear. However, instead of storing absorbed spell energy, the rod immediately creates a backlash of negative energy that deals 1d6 points of damage per absorbed spell level to the caster of the spell (a successful Will save reduces the damage by half). A negative energy protection spell negates this damage, and undead spellcasters are actually healed by this effect.
Caster Level: 18th; Prerequisites: Craft Rod, energy drain, spell turning; Market Price: 60,000 gp.


Drow artifacts are rare and powerful. They almost always have some dangerous drawback built into their design, reflecting their maker's ill intent.

Cloak Of The Consort

This light, very fine gray cape shimmers in the light.

A cloak of the consort grants a +6 deflection bonus to Armor Class and a +4 resistance bonus on all saving throws. In addition, the cloak negates any weakness to light that you might have. Finally, you can gain concealment for 10 rounds, at will.

In exchange for these benefits, you take a -4 penalty to all saving throws against spells and spell-like effects cast by female drow.

Lore: As they fled the surface, the dark elves looked to the matriarchs for guidance - for although it was their corruption and obeisance to the Spider Queen that led to the drow's exile from their homeland, any chance they had of surviving in the Underdark lay with the priestesses. (Knowledge [history] DC 20).

But before the drow would entrust their fates to the matriarchs once more, they demanded a concession: some way to restore the balance between the males and the females of the species. The priestesses agreed, and each elevated one male to serve as a companion and advisor. (Knowledge [history] DC 25)

To secure the pact, the matriarchs spun cloaks of fine spider silk and imbued them with their blood and Lolth's dark will. (Knowledge [history] DC 30)

They crafted each cloak to protect their consorts, guarding each privileged male against ambitious upstarts who would usurp their position. (Knowledge [history] DC 32)

But the matriarchs were clever, and they infused a small curse into each cloak. Those who wore the cloaks would be vulnerable to the magic of the priestesses. And so, from the start, the drow consorts were nothing more than the puppets and figureheads they remain to this day. (Knowledge [history] DC 35)
Caster Level: 21st; Aura: Overwhelming; (DC 25) abjuration; Weight: 1 lb.

Egg of Lolth

This fist-sized egg is made of platinum. It has no markings and is completely smooth. When touched, it vibrates slightly, and you hear the faint sounds of scratching coming from within. The egg of Lolth is a potent artifact with a long history. Originally nothing more than a cursed item that compelled its wielder to fling himself through a gate to the Abyss, its long exposure to the chaotic energies of the Demonweb Pits has transformed it into the deadly device it is today.

Aside from its relatively minor value (60 gp), the egg appears to have no function. It cannot be opened, and has no hinges or seams. It can be dented, but any blemishes vanish after 1d4 hours.

The only way to activate the item is to cast a remove curse spell on it, at which point the egg vanishes; in its place appears a shuddering, tumescent bag of spider silk. On the following round, the bag teats itself open, spilling out 1d10 fiendish spider swarms and one fiendish Colossal monstrous spider. For the next 10 rounds, 1d4 fiendish Large monstrous spiders follow, after which the bag of spidersilk seals shut and vanishes, leaving the platinum egg spinning in its place.

Creatures called by the egg appear in the closest available space to the artifact and can act immediately, attacking the closest non-drow creature as soon as they appear. They fight until destroyed, pursuing fleeing characters relentlessly.

While the egg is activated, an creature that touches the bag is automatically transported to the Demonweb Pits. In addition, the artifact can serve as the focus component for plane shift spells cast to travel to the Abyss.

Lore: Ages ago, a group of bold heroes - having fought through hordes of giants - uncovered a terrifying plot to sow war and discord throughout the world. Eclavdra, a high priestess and an influential leader in the drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu, was behind these machinations. (Knowledge [history] DC 20)

The adventurers swept through the Underdark, battled the kuo-toa in their profane warren, and took the fight to the vault of the drow itself. After all this effort, their job was not yet finished. They discovered a strange item that enabled them to leave the Material Plane and take the fight to the Spider Queen herself in the Abyss. (Knowledge [history] DC 25)

It's not clear what happened to these adventurers, but the egg eventually found its way back to the drow, and has changed hands many times since. (Knowledge [history] DC 30)
Caster Level: 23rd; Aura: Overwhelming; (DC 26) conjuration; Weight: 10 lb.

New Equipment from the Underdark

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