Blooded One

"Blooded" is a template that can be added to any humanoid (referred to hereafter as the "base creature"). It uses all the base creature's statistics and special abilities, except as listed:

AC: Natural armor improves by +2.

Special Attacks: A blooded one retains all the special attacks of the base creature, and also gains the following special attack.

War Cry (Ex): Once per day, a blooded one can scream a special war cry. This causes all blooded ones within 30 feet (including itself) to gain a +1 morale bonus on all attack and damage rolls for 2d4 rounds. This effect does not stack with other war cries.

Abilities: Adjust from the base creature as follows: Str +2, Con +4, Int -2.

Feats: Same as the base creature, except that a blooded one gains Combat Reflexes.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +1.

Level Adjustment: Same as the base creature +1.

Treasure: Standard.

Alignment: Usually lawful evil.

Advancement: By character class.

Creating A Blooded One

To prepare the mixture for a single blooded one, an arcane spellcaster must know the Brew Potion feat and expend one day and rare material components worth 500 gp - in addition to the fresh blood of at least two Medium-size or four Small humanoids. The creature to be changed must be immersed in the alchemical mixture for at least 24 hours and is entitled to a Fortitude save (DC 16) to resist the change if it is unwilling.

The blooding process can be applied only to a young creature (any creature that has not yet reached the age of adulthood for its race). The mixture is virulently poisonous to adults, who must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 16) upon initial exposure to the bath or take 1d10 points of temporary Constitution damage. Creatures failing this save must make a second save 1 minute later.

Sample Blooded One: Blooded One Orc.

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