Demonically Fused Elemental

Monte Cook, Dragon #285

Demonically fused elementals are normal elementals corrupted and tainted with demonic essence. The composite being is a new sort of creature, wholly evil with a different agenda and different powers than their normal elemental counterparts. Demonically fused elementals usually appear as darker, more sinister versions of the original elemental creature.

Creating A Demonically Fused Elemental

"Demonically fused elemental" is a template that can be added to any elemental creature. Elementals with this template keep their creature type. A demonically fused elemental uses all the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Special Attacks: A demonically fused elemental creature retains all the special attacks of the base creature and also gains haste and smite good.

Smite Good (Su): Once per day the creature can make a normal attack to deal additional damage equal to its HD total (maximum of +20) against a good foe. The creature must decide to use its smite power before its attack. A missed smite good attack is wasted.

Special Qualities: A demonically fused creature retains all the special qualities of the base creature and also gains the following abilities:

Damage Reduction: Based on HD (see table).

Darkvision: To a range of 60 feet.

Resistances: Cold and fire resistance are based on HD (see table).

Spell Resistance: Equal to double the creature's HP (maximum 25).

Resistance Table
Hit DiceCold, Fire ResistanceDR

If the base creature already has one or more of these special qualities, use the better value.

Haste (Su): Because the creature is an actual composite entity, and both the demon and elemental are - at least somewhat - separately aware, the demonically fused elemental continually gains benefits of haste.

Abilities: Increase from the base creature as 5: Str +4, Dex +4, Con +2, Int +4, Wis +0, and Cha +2.

Environment: Any.

Challenge Rating: Up to 3 HD, as base creature +1.4 HD to 7 HD, as base creature +2. 8+ HD, as base creature +3.

Alignment: Always chaotic evil.

Advancement: Same as the base creature.

Sample Demonically Fused Elemental: Demonically Fused Fire Elemental.

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