Half-Dragon, Faerûnian

Monster Compendium Monsters of Faerûn details five varieties of dragon common to the lands of Faerûn: brown, deep, fang, shadow, and song dragons. Like the dragons described in the Monster Manual, these dragons sometimes crossbreed with other creatures, producing half-dragons. Deep dragons and song dragons are fond of spending time in humanoid form, so half-dragons of these ancestries are especially common. Such an offspring uses the half-dragon template, with certain adjustments based on the type of its dragon parent.

Speed: Half-brown dragons never have functional wings, regardless of their size.

Damage: Half-fang dragons deal damage with their bite and claw attacks as if they were one size category larger than they actually are.

Special Attacks: A half-dragon of brown, deep, shadow, or song dragon ancestry gains a breath weapon usable once per day, as given on the table below.

Dragon VarietyBreath WeaponDamage (DC)
BrownLine* of acid6d6 (19)
DeepCone** of flesh-corrosive gas6d8 (18)
ShadowCone of shadows1d2 negative levels (18)
SongCone of electrically6d6 (17) charged gas
*A line is always 5 ft. high, 5 ft. wide, and 60 ft. long.
**A cone is always 30 ft. long.

Three times per day, a fang half-dragon can choose to deal 1d4 points of Constitution drain with its bite attack (Fort save DC 14 negates).

Special Qualities: Half-dragons also have additional immunities or resistances based on their dragon variety.

Dragon VarietyImmunity or Resistance
BrownAcid immunity
DeepCharm immunity, cold and fire resistance 10
ShadowEnergy drain immunity
SongElectricity and poison immunity

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