Restless Prey Creature

By James Jacobs

Poachers and hunters are naturally drawn to certain creatures whose body parts are valued as trophies. Unfortunately, beasts that are slain by hunters sometimes rise as undead monsters cursed to forever stalk those who inflicted such a distasteful end upon them. Restless prey creatures are filled with a burning hatred for all life, and their unholy energies gift them with intelligence far above that normally possessed by living creatures of the same type. Many restless prey creatures seek out the hunter who killed them to return the favor, but success in this endeavor does not bring release for the undead monster. Such creatures often remain to haunt the areas of their death or the homes of their victims.

Creating a Restless Prey Creature

"Restless prey" is a template that can be applied to any animal, vermin, or beast. The restless prey creature's type changes to undead. It uses all the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Hit Dice: Hit Die type changes to d12.

Speed: A restless prey creature moves at twice the speed of the original creature. A restless prey creature with flight has average maneuverability.

Attacks: Although a restless prey creature has suffered from the brutal excision of its natural attacks, in its new form it has regrown these attacks as extensions of its once living body. A restless prey creature's natural attacks are composed of pure force and remain the same as those of the base creature, except that they are force attacks and they ignore armor, natural armor, and shield bonus, as touch attacks do. A restless prey creature's force attacks are not subject to damage reduction.

Damage: A restless prey creature's natural attacks deal force damage in the same amount of damage as the original creature's attacks, except that they gain a damage bonus equal to the creature's Charisma modifier (minimum +1). This bonus damage stacks with bonus damage from high Strength.

Special Attacks: A restless prey creature retains the base creature's extraordinary abilities. In addition, it gains the following two special attacks.

Energy Drain (Su): Any living creature that takes damage from a restless prey creature's attack gains one negative level. For each negative level bestowed, the restless prey creature heals 5 points of damage. If the amount of healing is more than the damage the creature has suffered, it gains any excess as temporary hit points. If the negative level has not been removed (with a spell such as restoration) before 24 hours have passed, the afflicted opponent must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 + half the restless prey creature's Hit Dice + Charisma modifier) to remove it. Failure means the opponent's level (or HD) is reduced by one.

Fear Aura (Su): As a free action, a restless prey creature can produce a fear effect. This ability functions exactly like a fear spell (caster level equals the restless prey creature's Hit Dice; save DC 10 + half the restless prey creature's Hit Dice + Charisma modifier), except that it affects all creatures within a 15-foot radius around the restless prey creature. Any creature that makes a successful saving throw against the effect cannot be affected again by that restless prey creature's fear aura for one day.

Special Qualities: A restless prey creature gains all the traits normally possessed by creatures of the undead type. In addition, they gain the following special qualities as well.

Damage Reduction: A restless prey creature gains damage reduction 20/+2.

Preserved Hide: A restless prey creature's natural armor toughens. In addition to its normal natural armor, it gains a bonus equal to the creature's Charisma modifier (minimum of +1).

Restless Prey Symbiosis (Su): A restless prey creature gains a +2 profane bonus to its Charisma score for each additional restless prey creature within 30 feet. This bonus persists as long as the creatures stay within 30 feet of each other. Additional profane bonuses to Charisma scores from additional creatures within 30 feet stack with each other. For example, each member of a group of 3 restless prey rhinoceroses gain a total +4 profane bonus to their individual Charisma scores, as long as all three remain within 30 feet of each other.

Abilities: A restless prey creature gains +6 to its Intelligence and Charisma scores, but being undead, it has no Constitution score.

Skills: Restless prey creatures receive a +8 racial bonus to Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Spot checks. Otherwise same as the base creature.

Feats: Restless prey creatures gain 1 feat for every 4 Hit Dice (minimum of 1 feat).

Climate/Terrain: As base creature

Organization: Solitary or pack (2-10 restless prey creatures)

Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +2

Treasure: None

Alignment: Always chaotic evil

Advancement: As base creature.

Sample Restless Prey:Restless Prey Elephant.

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