Sanctified Creature

When an evil creature is subjected to a sanctify the wicked spell, it gives up special qualities, attacks, and abilities that are inherently evil in exchange for more benevolent powers. The sanctified creature's appearance does not change to suit its new outlook, nor does it immediately find acceptance among other good creatures. For this reason, many sanctified creatures choose to have their form magically altered so that their good intentions and eager pursuit of repentance are not obscured by their vile appearance.

Many sanctified creatures feel a burning desire to purge their past evil deeds by performing selfless acts and heroic deeds. They pursue their newfound dedication to good with the zeal of an archon. Some strive to destroy evil where they find it, while others try to persuade other evil creatures to seek similar enlightenment. With their outlook having changed to good, many sanctified creatures feel compelled to take up arms to protect the good and the innocent. Sometimes they join with celestials and good-aligned adventurers to fight evil head-on.

A sanctified creature that reverts to evil, deliberately or not, loses all benefits of this template. Essentially, it is restored to its state prior to becoming a sanctified creature.

Creating a Sanctified Creature

"Sanctified creature" is an acquired template that can be added to any evil creature except for outsiders with the evil subtype (referred to hereafter as "base creature"). The sanctified creature retains ins creature type. Outsiders gain the good subtype and lose any of the following subtypes: baatezu (devil), tanar'ri (demon), and yugoloth. If the base creature had the fiendish creature template, it loses the template and all special attacks and special qualities granted by the template. In uses all the base creature's statistics or special abilities except as noted here.

Attacks: The sanctified creature retains all of its natural weapons and attack bonuses. A sanctified creature's natural weapons, and any weapons in wields, are considered good weapons for purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Special Attacks: The sanctified creature loses all of its preexisting supernatural and spell-like abilities, but retains its extraordinary abilities. It also gains the light ray special ability (described below).

Light Ray (Su): Once per round, as a standard action, the sanctified creature can fire a ray of light from its eyes or hand. The ray is treated as a ranged touch attack and has a maximum range of 60 feet. Against evil creatures, the ray deals 1d6 points of damage per 2 HD of the sanctified creature (maximum 10d6). The light has no harmful effect on non-evil creatures.

Special Qualities: The sanctified creature loses all of its preexisting supernatural and spell-like abilities, but retains its extraordinary abilities. If the base creature has damage reduction that can be bypassed with good weapons, the sanctified creature's damage reduction changes so that evil weapons bypass it instead.

A sanctified creature also gains the following special qualities:

Aura of Menace (Su): A righteous aura surrounds the sanctified creature. Any hostile creature within a 20-foot radius of the sanctified creature must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the sanctified creature's Hit Dice + the sanctified creature's Cha modifier) to resist its effects. Those who fail take a -2 penalty on attacks, AC, and saves for one day or until they successfully hit the sanctified creature that generated the aura. A creature that has resisted or broken the effect cannot be affected again by that sanctified creature's aura for one day

Magic Circle against Evil (Su): A magic circle against evil effect always surrounds the sanctified creature, as the magic circle against evil spell (caster level equals the sanctified creature's Hit Dice, maximum 14th).

Tongues (Su): A sanctified creature can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using a tongues spell (caster level equals the sanctified creature's Hit Dice, maximum 14th). This ability is always active.

Feats: The sanctified creature loses any vile feats the base creature possessed. In does not get to replace these feats with new ones. However, if it has the good subtype, it gains access to exalted feats.

Environment: Same as base creature, although the plane of residence usually changes to a good-aligned outer plane.

Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +1.

Alignment: Always good. The sanctified creature's chaos/law axis does not change.

Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +2.

Sample Sanctified Creature

Sanctified Creature: Sanctified Young Red Dragon.

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