Woodling creatures have bonded with nature, to a large extent, they have become plant creatures. These creatures have an unusual mind-set, much like that of a treant. They are one with nature and at peace with it and themselves.

Creating A Woodling

"Woodling" is an inherited template that can be added to any corporeal animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, or monstrous humanoid (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

A woodling uses all the base creature's statistics and abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type: A woodling's type does nor change, but it possesses fully developed plant traits (see below).

Armor Class: The base creature's natural armor bonus improves by 7.

Attack: A woodling retains all the attacks of the base creature and also gains a slam attack if it didn't already have one. If the base creature can use weapons, the woodling retains this ability. A creature with natural weapons retains those natural weapons. A woodling fighting without weapons uses either its slam attack or its primary natural weapon (if it has any). A woodling armed with a weapon uses its slam or a weapon, as it desires.

Full Attack: A woodling fighting without weapons uses either its slam attack (see above) or its natural weapons (if it has any). If armed with a weapon, it usually uses the weapon as its primary attack along with a slam or other natural weapon as a natural secondary attack.

Damage: Woodlings have slam attacks. If the base creature does nor have this attack form, use the appropriate damage value from the table below according to the woodling's size. Creatures that have other kinds of natural weapons retain their old damage values or use the appropriate value from the table below, whichever is better.


Spell-Like Abilities: A woodling with a Wisdom score of 8 or higher gains spell-like abilities depending on its Hit Dice, as indicated on the table below. The abilities are cumulative; for instance, a woodling chimera (9 HD) can use entangle once per day, summon nature's ally II once per day, speak with plants three times per day, and summon nature's ally IV once per day. Caster level equals the creature's HD, and the save DC is Charisma-based.

1-2Entangle 1/day
3-5Summon nature's ally II 1/day
6-7Speak with plants 3/day
8-10Summon nature's ally IV 1/day
11-12Command plants 1/day
13-15Summon nature's ally VI 1/day
16-18Animate plants 1/day
19-20Summon nature's ally VIII 1/day
21 +Control plants 1/day and summon nature's ally IX 1/day

Special Qualities: A woodling creature has all the special qualities of the base creature, plus the following special qualities.

Damage Reduction (Ex): A woodling creature has damage reduction 5/slashing.

Low-light Vision (Ex): The creature gains low-light vision, enabling it to see twice as well as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of shadowy illumination. It retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

Plant Traits: A woodling has immunity to poison, magic sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, stunning, and mind-affecting spells and abilities (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects). It is not subject to extra damage from critical hits.

Skill Bonuses (Ex): A woodling's skin and hair resemble bark and leaves. Any wings the creature may have are leaflike or frondlike, and every part of the creature has a distinctly plantlike look that changes with the seasons. It is light green in early spring, darkening during the summer. In autumn, it turns yellow, orange, or red like a deciduous leaf. In the winter, it is a dry brown. A woodling has a +4 bonus on Hide checks and Move Silently checks in aboveground natural environments.

Vulnerability to Fire (Ex): Woodling creatures have vulnerability to fire. A woodling takes half again as much (+50%) damage as normal from the effect, regardless of whether a saving throw is allowed, or if the save is a success or failure.

Environment: Any aboveground natural.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +2.

Organization: Same as the base creature, except most of a group will be the base creature with usually only one woodling.

Level Adjustment: +3.

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