General Prestige Class : Sinker

by Christopher Campbell, Dragon #287

Sinkers belong to the Doomguard faction. They believe the multiverse is in a state of decay and that nothing should interfere with this natural process. Speeding it up is another matter. Fighters gravitate toward this philosophy because it justifies violence and rewards their fighting prowess, but clerics of evil gods and wizards that favor destructive spells also claim membership.


To qualify to become a Sinker, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Class Skills

The sinker's class skills are Bluff, Disable Device, Disguise, Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering), and Sense Motive.

Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the sinker prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A character who takes a level of sinker becomes proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and all armor and shields.

Entropic Blow: As a vessel of entropy, a sinker can channel destructive energy, causing extra damage with a melee attack. She adds her Charisma bonus to her attack roll and deals 2 points of extra damage per sinker class level. The entropic blow is especially good at unraveling the things that bind non-living matter together. Against objects, constructs, and undead, the extra damage entropic blow causes is doubled (4 points of extra damage per sinker class level). Use of the entropic blow must be declared before the attack is made. If the attack misses, the blow is wasted for that day. This is a supernatural ability.

Sifting: Sinkers of at least 2nd level can sift through the remains of an object or creature and determine what it was and how it was destroyed. The amount of information gained depends on how long the sinker holds and concentrates on some part of the remains.

This supernatural ability can be used at will as a standard action and requires the sinker to touch the object in question (thereby risking any effect that touching the remains might provoke).

Destructive Expertise: As agents of destruction, 3rd-level sinkers learn to promote entropy by the most efficient means. The sinker gains a +10 insight bonus to Disable Device and Knowledge (architecture and engineering) skill checks, when attempting to take apart or disable traps and other objects. In addition, the sinker can always take 10 on such checks, even under circumstances when it would normally not be allowed.

Spells: Beginning at 3rd level, a sinker gains the ability to cast a small number of arcane spells. To cast a spell, the sinker must have a Charisma score of at least 10 + the spell's level, so a sinker with a Charisma of 10 or lower cannot cast these spells. Sinker bonus spells are based on Charisma, and saving throws against these spells have a DC of 10 + spell level + the sinker's Charisma modifier. The sinker's spell list appears below; a sinker has access to any spell on the list and can freely choose which to cast, just like a sorcerer.

When the sinker gets 0 spells of a given level, she gets only bonus spells for that spell slot. A sinker without a bonus spell for that level cannot yet cast spells of that level.

Disintegrate: Once per day, a 10th-level sinker can cast disintegrate as a sorcerer of a level equal to the sinker's character level. Using this spell-like ability is a full-round action.

SinkerHit Die: d10
CLBABFortRefWillSpecialSpells per Day
1st+0+2+0+0Entropic blow (1/day)--
3rd+2+3+1+1Destructive expertise, Entropic blow (2/day)0-
5th+3+4+1+1Entropic blow (3/day)21
7th+5+5+2+2Entropic blow (4/day)32
9th+6+6+3+3Entropic blow (5/day)43

Sinker Spell List

Source: Dragon #287

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