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People of the Black Blood

The People of the Black Blood collectively include several large groups of lycanthrope worshipers of Malar. Because they can travel incognito and form new bands in other places, it is not known how widespread they are, but groups are known to be active in the Chondalwood, Cormanthor, and the High Forest. They exist for the hunt following the will of the Beast Lord and their own animal instincts. They hunt normal animals but prefer intelligent prey often kidnapping victims in humanoid form and releasing them in a wilderness area to be pursued by the entire pack. Such hunts usually end in the consumption of the victim.

The group's membership consists of true and infected lycanthropes, primarily evil with a scattering of feral neutral members. They disdain people who live in cities, particularly wererats, and often commit acts of great violence against would-be interlopers on their territory. The churches of Gwaeron, Mielikki and Silvanus often mount searches into the forest to discover and destroy the People's lairs.

To join the People, an individual need only worship Malar and be infected with lycanthropy. Many rangers, barbarians, and druids are counted among the packs. When the ranks grow thin, they infect others with their kind of lycanthropy to gain more followers. A pack's leader, called a Bloodmaster, is decided by physical prowess. Werewolves and wereboars are the most common Bloodmasters due to their physical strength.

As an organization, the People of the Black Blood do not have a political agenda. Like wild animals, they wish to protect their territory and thrive, which means they attack creatures that approach them. Occasionally they ally themselves with the church of Malar or are hired by evil groups such as the Zhentarim, but their independent natures mean that such alliances tend to be short-lived. Because they disdain civilization, what minor equipment they have is usually ill kept, but most packs have an amazing variety of potions devised by their spellcasting members (since potions can be used by creatures that cannot speak and lack hands). Most packs consist of only one or two types of lycanthropes and normal or dire animals of the same type.

Notable members of the People include Heskret of the High Forest (N male werebat Ftr5), Narona of the High Forest (CE female werewolf Rgr6), Totoruan of the Chondaiwood (N male wereboar Bbn4), and Vakennis of Cormanthor (NE female were-wolverine Drd8) Each has been a Bloodmaster for at least five years and has defeated many challengers.

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