Organizations of Faerûn

Lords' Alliance

Also known as the Council of Lords, this group was formed to oppose the Zhentarim and the other sinister factions that seek to dominate the North through trade or treachery. Primarily a lawful good organization, it represents the interests of rulers of cities in the North and the Western Heartlands. The rulers of Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Neverwinter, and other free cities and towns in the region make up most of the Alliance. The various Lords differ on issues of trade, magic, relations with foreign nations such as Thay, and even the treatment of humanoids such as orcs and goblins. The members of the Alliance are all equal in discussing Alliance matters, regardless of station outside the group. Given the increase in Zhentarim holdings in the North, the Lords have been trying to encourage other cities to join their cause, but so far such efforts have been met with little success. Luskan is notoriously independent and feels threatened by the new nation of the Silver Marches, one of the major members of the Alliance. The Shadow Thieves of Amn are the antithesis of the Alliance, and Calimshan does not consider the Zhentarim (or the Shadow Thieves, for that matter) to be serious threats to its trade.

The agents of the Alliance include sophisticated bards, zealous paladins, talented sorcerers, and grizzled warriors. They are chosen primarily for their loyalty and then trained in observation, stealth, innuendo, and combat. Backed by the wealthy and the privileged, they carry quality equipment (often disguised to appear common), and spellcasters tend to have a large number of scrolls with communication spells.

The Alliance has a history of hiring adventurers, both to raid Zhentarim strongholds and to scout out sources of Zhentarim activity. Local adventuring groups with an interest in combating evil have quickly gained status and valuable contacts by their association with the Lords' Alliance, and just as quickly made enemies of the Black Network because of it. The Alliance pays these groups in information, travel arrangements, and masterwork items, as well as in cold, hard gold.

Organizations of Faerûn
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